The eight principles of scientific cooking share

some foods are very healthy. However, if the cooking method is not proper, it may cause loss of nutrition or intake of calories beyond your expectation. Here are six kinds of common good food, the way to eat is the key. Let’s get to know it with you.

Sweet potato nutrition chips garbage

sweet potato is rich in vitamin A and antioxidants, at the same time has anti-inflammatory effect, is a very high quality tuber vegetables.

however, sweet potato chips are a big taboo in a healthy diet because they contain a lot of fat and calories.

as long as you don’t grind potatoes into mud and add butter and brown sugar to eat, stewing potatoes is definitely a good way to eat; You can also steam diced potatoes or roast whole potatoes.

homemade peanut butter nutrition peanut butter can garbage? It contains a lot of added sugar, salt and hydrogenated oil.

self grinding peanut butter can avoid eating unnecessary fat and sugar. Peel the peanuts and bake them in the oven, or buy the fried peanuts directly. Pour them into the blender and stir. Then add a little peanut oil and salt to taste.

boiled beans nutrition canned beans garbage

beans are not expensive, low fat content, is an indispensable part of nutritional diet. The problem is that most beans are canned. They have BPA on their inner membranes, a chemical that can cause cancer, heart disease and precocious puberty.

canned beans also have high sodium content, so soaking beans and boiling them is the best way to eat.

When you want to get enough sugar in a fast and healthy way, preserved fruit is a good choice, but the premise is that there is no sugar on the surface of the preserved fruit. Be sure to choose preserved fruits without added sugar. Sometimes you can judge by looking at the preserved fruit. If you are not sure, check the packing instructions.

apple is the best snack because it is sweet, juicy and rich in fiber. Most vitamins and minerals are stored in its epidermis, such as vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium, folic acid and iron. So if you peel off the skin, you throw away all the nutrients. If you can, it’s best to choose organic apples and chew the whole red or green skin.

boiled broccoli is the most nutritious steamed broccoli

boiled broccoli may be the traditional way of eating broccoli, but it is not the most healthy way of eating broccoli, which will make a lot of nutrition lost.

edible broccoli, can be steamed or fried for a few minutes, its stem slightly soft, at the same time its color will be more bright.

Here are eight principles of scientific Cooking:

to master the cooking temperature — in all kinds of cooking methods, steaming has the most damage to vitamins, while boiling has the least damage. The damage degree is steaming, frying, frying and boiling in turn. When cooking, pay attention to high heat, fast speed and short time.

choose sanitary utensils iron and copper molecules will accelerate the oxidation of vitamin C in vegetables, aluminum is better, glass and porcelain are the best.

don’t cut the vegetables too much — if you cut the vegetables too much, it’s easy to lose their nutrients. Some dishes can be pulled by hand, as far as possible with a knife.

cover the cooking pot – this prevents water-soluble vitamins from evaporating with steam. Don’t have too much soup, and don’t throw it away.

vegetables should be eaten fresh — the fresher the vegetables are, the more nutritious and delicious they are, so we should try our best to eat them fresh.

don’t throw out vegetable leaves — the colored part of vegetables contains more vitamins and the white part is less, so we should try to leave the colored leaves.

pay attention to color matching — try to match the colors of main and non-staple food to promote appetite. For example, the white of rice flour, the green of vegetables, the red of meat and the yellow of soybeans can be used to make the table colorful, delicious and mouth watering.

raw and cooked food should be appropriate — some foods are suitable for eating raw, but not all foods are good for eating raw. Starch foods are easy to digest and absorb only after they are cooked, and eggs and fish should also be cooked before eating.

Cooking has eight costs:

first, cooking heat destroys nutrients, including vitamins, protein, fat, active enzymes and fungi. For example, 50% vitamin E, 70% vitamin C and 90% folic acid are decomposed when heated, protein structure is distorted at high temperature, unsaturated fat is oxidized at high temperature, and enzymes and bacteria are destroyed after heating. The results showed that all enzymes could be destroyed by heating at 60 ℃; Cats fed raw food and fresh milk are healthy, cats fed cooked food or drinking sterilized milk will get sick, and kittens born will have congenital defects.

second, cooking heat produces toxins, including free radicals, acrylamide, synthetic compounds and so on. For example, frying produces free radicals; Fried starch food produces carcinogen acrylamide; High temperature treatment of food containing chemical residues such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides can synthesize new harmful compounds.

third, cooking food weakens the immune system. Scientists have found that: when people eat cooked food, white blood cells in blood and intestines increase immediately, while when they eat raw food, white blood cells do not change. Contrary to common sense, our immune system is familiar with raw food, regards cooked food as an invader, and sends troops to stop it. Long term cooked food care for the immune system, care for this and lose that, but frequent cold, respiratory infection and skin allergy. Hyperthyroidism, type 1 diabetes and even cancer &hellip occur. hellip;

fourth, cooking food increases metabolic burden. Contrary to common sense, raw food is full of nutrients, digestive enzymes and & quot; Solar energy;, It’s easier to digest. Cooked food is lack of digestive enzymes and metabolic nutrients, which is difficult to be absorbed by the human body. No metabolic residues form toxins in the body and pollute the blood, which can lead to metabolic syndrome, such as obesity and obesity; Three high & quot; And type 2 diabetes.

fifthly, cooking destroys the original flavor. For people who are used to eating raw food, raw food is like grass, cooked food is like hay. If raw food is as fresh and smooth as eating grass, then cooked food is just like eating hay.

sixth, cooking is a waste of time. Seventh, cooking wastes fuel.

eighth, cooking waste seasoning.

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