The eight taboos of wearing Kaiguang jewelry

now, in order to pray for happiness and safety, people are wearing Kaiguang jewelry or talismans, such as Buddha beads, jade pendants and Taoist talismans, praying for the divine power of immortal and Buddha to protect people. There is nothing wrong with this, but we must follow the rules when using it, The following is an analysis of what should be paid attention to.

First, the most basic common sense, when you take a bath, you must take off the Kaiguang jewelry or charm, otherwise it will be bad if you get wet and dirty.

second, women’s physiological period, it is best not to wear Kaiguang jewelry or charm, otherwise it will cause dysmenorrhea, or irregular menstruation, abnormal.

third, it’s better not to wear Kaiguang ornaments or talismans when couples have sex. Otherwise, it will cause some unclean things to pay attention and reduce the magic power of ornaments / talismans.

fourth, Kaiguang ornaments or charms have been used for a long time. If it is worn, you can replace it by yourself. The mana will not be affected. The trial period of the talisman is one year, and it will be incinerated as required.

fifthly, if Kaiguang ornaments or talismans are unfortunately damaged and cannot be worn, they can be wrapped in small red cloth or small red paper and sent to the temple or buried in front of a tree. Don’t throw them into the garbage can. The spirit talisman needs to be incinerated by itself, preferably at midnight.

sixth, Kaiguang ornaments or talismans should not be watered, so ornaments and talismans must be kept dry.

seventh, you can wear a variety of Kaiguang jewelry or charm, do not want to wear jewelry, need to keep in a clean place. However, it is not recommended that you give it to relatives or friends, because these accessories have been familiar with the perception of your magnetic field, easily change the host, the host and jewelry itself is a kind of disrespect.

eighth, Kaiguang ornaments or talismans, if lost, need to re apply, you do not worry about what disaster, mentality to be relaxed and natural, because this is providence.

Wearing taboo of Kaiguang jewelry

jadeite worn all the year round can’t leave the body suddenly.

the jadeite that you wear all the year round, because you get along with your host day and night, has already shared the same breath and destiny. If there is no special reason, you can’t easily take it, especially since you were a child.

if removed suddenly, not only the original protection effect of jadeite will be affected, but also the fortune of the owner may be affected.

jadeite with cracks can’t be worn.

jadeite has cracks on it. Don’t continue to wear it because you can’t bear it. The cracks may be caused by your careless bumping, or they may be caused by helping you block the disaster.

if it is because of the former, the internal firmness of the cracked jadeite has been damaged. Even if it is not broken on the spot, it is easy to be completely broken due to a rub in the days after that, causing you losses. You may as well send it to a special shop to repair it before wearing it.

if it is for the latter reason, it is recommended not to wear it again. This jade has no aura. If it is worn again, it will not be safe, but will lead to bad things. Just wrap it in red cloth and put it away.

the expression of jadeite statues can’t bring bitterness. 6667

whether it’s the kind-hearted Avalokitesvara or the smiling Maitreya Buddha, when choosing jadeite statues, we must pay attention to the sculptor on the face of the statues, and wear the statues with a happy and kind expression.

no matter what the sculptor is, the facial expression of the statue is either solemn or amiable, and there must be no bitterness. Those jadeite statues with unnatural expression and even like crying and laughing must not be worn. Instead of bringing good luck to themselves, they are prone to bad luck.

don’t give your jadeite to others easily

except for your close relatives, you can’t give your jadeite that you have worn for a long time to others easily. It will affect you and the recipient.

if you usually accumulate more blessings, they will all be brought to the recipient, and you will be unlucky; If your jadeite usually blocks more disasters for you, these disasters will be transferred to the recipient along with your sending jadeite.

Don’t wear ancient jade of unknown origin. Some people think that ancient jade has been handed down for so many years, so it must be more valuable. But I want to remind you that unless it’s an ancient jade inherited by the family, those ancient jade with unknown origin must not be worn.

jadeite, as the king of jade, is very spiritual. Many people get sick or have bad luck because of wearing ancient jade, so those Jadeites who don’t know their origin can’t wear them casually no matter how beautiful they are& mdash; Because you can’t know who the owner of this jade was before.

jadeite don’t let outsiders touch it casually.

the jadeite that you wear next to your body is spiritual. It can help you to attract wealth and protect you from disasters. But jadeite can’t be touched casually by outsiders. It will tarnish the spirituality of jadeite, reduce its protection ability, and even affect the health of the host.

jadeite Zhong Kui can’t be worn casually

Zhong Kui is a God who expels ghosts and demons in the legend. He is upright and resentful of evil, and is the embodiment of justice. In the past, people would put up Zhong Kui’s portrait at home or worship him to ward off evil spirits. Zhong Kui is also a special theme in jade carving.

but not everyone can wear the jade Zhong Kui. For children and the elderly, as well as people with light eight characters, they can’t wear Zhong Kui. Otherwise, it will not be able to ward off evil spirits, but will have an impact on the body.

wear jadeite without evil thoughts

wear jadeite close to our hearts, what we think in our hearts will affect jadeite, often with good thoughts, jadeite will be affected, the energy is gentle and kind; Often harboring evil thoughts, jadeite will also be full of hostility when it is affected. It can’t eliminate disasters and ward off evil spirits, but it causes disasters!

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