The favorite food of the long-lived elderly makes you have a long and healthy diet.

people live a lifetime. Everyone hopes to live a long and healthy life. Since ancient times, longevity and health are the goal of human pursuit. So how can we live a long and healthy life? Let’s see how these elderly people eat.

Ma Yinchu, a famous Chinese economist, and his wife Zhang Guijun are centenarians, and they especially like porridge. Every morning, they add 50 grams of oatmeal to 250 ml of boiling water and brew it for 2 minutes to make porridge. It is most suitable for the elderly to take millet porridge as the best tonic. Millet benefits five internal organs, thickens intestines and stomach, fills body fluid, strengthens muscles and bones, and grows muscles. A famous doctor in Qing Dynasty said: & lt; Millet is the most nurturing. Rice oil is better than ginseng soup when cooking rice porridge& rdquo;

2, corn

the American Medical Association conducted a census and found that Native American Indians rarely suffer from hypertension and arteriosclerosis, because their staple food is corn. Medical research found that old corn contains a lot of lecithin, linoleic acid, cereal alcohol, vitamin E, and regular eaters are not prone to hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

3, egg

nutritionists determined that egg white protein is rich in amino acids, and its composition is very suitable for human needs. Lecithin in egg yolk can promote the regeneration of liver cells, increase the amount of human plasma protein, and enhance the body’s metabolic function and immune ability. Choline released by the digestion of lecithin can improve memory.

4 and tofu

the main components of tofu are protein and isoflavones, which have the effects of Supplementing Qi, tonifying deficiency, reducing blood lead concentration and protecting liver. The old people often eat tofu, which has a good therapeutic effect on arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis and other diseases.

5, sweet potato

, sweet potato has the effect of blood tonifying, bowel widening ventilation, benefiting qi and body fluid, preventing cancer and anti-cancer. It contains a lot of mucin, which can prevent the atrophy of liver and kidney connective tissue and enhance human immunity; Mucin can also eliminate reactive oxygen species and avoid cancer. Sweet potato contains more calcium and magnesium, which can prevent and treat osteoporosis.

Let you live a long and healthy eating habits

1, multivitamins after eating

health rules

1. Do not eat single, eat more rice, wheat, corn, sorghum, millet, barley, oats, buckwheat and other cereals, coarse grains and fine grains with eating.

2. Eat more vegetables, fruits and potatoes. These three things are rich in nutrients needed by the human body, mainly vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and phytochemicals. They are rich in water, low in energy and high in fiber, so they can control weight and moisturize skin.

3. Eat milk, soybeans or their products every day. Milk supplement calcium effect is outstanding, other minerals and vitamin a content is also very rich; Soy protein has high digestibility and no cholesterol.

4. Eat a proper amount of fish, poultry, eggs and lean meat. Eat more fish and poultry and reduce pork intake. Pork contains too much fat, often eat will increase the risk of obesity and chronic diseases.

5. Reduce the amount of cooking oil and eat light and less salt diet. The recommended intake of cooking oil for adults is 25g-30g per day. Recommended intake of salt: 6 grams per day for adults (including the amount of salt in pickles, soy sauce and sauces).

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