The food that fasting must not eat, fasting food has 3 taboos

how to do hungry? Eating, of course. But when you are hungry, you should have a choice, because some foods are not suitable for fasting. The following foods, even if very hungry, are best not to choose. Let’s have a look with you.

Do not eat 14 kinds of food on an empty stomach

1. Milk and soybean milk

contain a lot of protein. If you drink on an empty stomach, protein will be & quot; Forced & quot; It is converted into heat energy and consumed, and has no nutritional and nourishing effect. The correct way to drink is to eat with snacks, cakes and other foods containing flour, or drink it two hours after a meal, or drink it before going to bed. 2. Yogurt

drinking yogurt on an empty stomach will weaken the health function of yogurt. Drinking yogurt two hours after meal or before going to bed can not only nourish health care, promote digestion, but also exhaust and defecate.

three, Baijiu

fasting drinking will stimulate gastric mucosa, and long term cause gastritis, gastric ulcer and other diseases. In addition, when people are fasting, their blood sugar is low. At this time, drinking will cause hypoglycemia in the human body. Brain tissue will have functional disorders due to the lack of glucose supply, such as dizziness, palpitation, cold sweat and hunger. In severe cases, hypoglycemic coma will occur. Tea

drinking tea on an empty stomach can dilute gastric juice, reduce digestive function and cause & quot; Tea intoxication;, The symptoms were palpitation, dizziness, headache, fatigue and unstable standing.

5、 Sugar

sugar is a kind of food which is easy to digest and absorb. If you eat a lot of sugar on an empty stomach, the human body can not secrete enough insulin to maintain the normal value of blood glucose in a short time, which makes the blood glucose rise suddenly and easily lead to eye diseases. And sugar is acidic food, fasting sugar will also damage the body’s acid-base balance and the balance of various microorganisms, adverse to health.

6. Persimmon

contains Diospyros kaki, pectin, tannic acid and tannin, which has strong astringent effect. When encountering strong gastric acid in empty stomach, it is easy to combine with gastric acid and coagulate into hard lump which is difficult to dissolve. Small lumps can be excreted with feces. If large lumps are formed, they are easy to cause & quot; Gastrolithiasis;, Traditional Chinese medicine is called & quot; Persimmon stone disease;.

7 and tomato

contain a lot of pectin, Diospyros kaki, soluble astringent and other components, which are easy to react with gastric acid and condense into insoluble lumps. These lumps can block the outlet of the stomach, the pylorus, and increase the pressure in the stomach, causing the stomach to expand and distend.

8, banana

banana has more magnesium. Eating banana on an empty stomach will make the magnesium in the human body rise suddenly and destroy the balance of magnesium and calcium in the human blood, which has an inhibitory effect on cardiovascular system and is not conducive to health.

nine, hawthorn, orange

contains a lot of organic acid, fruit acid, hawthorn acid, citric acid, etc., fasting consumption, will make gastric acid surge, cause adverse stimulation to gastric mucosa, make the stomach full, belch, spit acid water.

11、 Sugarcane, fresh litchi

do not eat too much sugarcane or fresh litchi on an empty stomach, otherwise it will be caused by the sudden infiltration of excessive high sugar into the body; Hyperosmolar coma;.

12, garlic

garlic contains a strong pungent allicin, fasting garlic, will cause strong stimulation to the gastric mucosa, intestinal wall, causing gastrointestinal spasm, colic.

13. Sweet potato

contains tannin and gum, which can stimulate the gastric wall to secrete more gastric acid and cause heartburn and other discomfort.

14, cold drink

fasting state of excessive drinking of frozen food, will stimulate gastrointestinal contracture, for a long time will lead to a variety of enzymatic chemical reaction disorders, induce gastrointestinal diseases. In women during menstruation will also make menstruation disorder.

In daily life, people all know that the nutritional structure of the diet should be balanced, but how to maintain the nutritional balance through scientific eating? In this regard, Chongqing nutrition experts remind people to eat a lot of food after fasting, which will cause adverse effects on the body. Therefore, fasting should be mild, low stimulation as the principle, reasonable, balanced with nutrition, avoid excessive eating the following food.

avoid high sugar food& quot; Because the human body can not secrete enough insulin to maintain the normal value of blood glucose in a short period of time, it is easy to cause a sudden rise of blood glucose by eating too much sugar such as white sugar, brown sugar, dim sum, sweet potato and so on& quot; Chongqing nutrition experts said that fasting excessive consumption of sugar food will also damage the body’s acid-base balance, causing stomach discomfort, heartburn, acid water vomiting and other symptoms.

two taboo protein content high food. If you overeat milk, soybean milk, eggs, meat and other foods with high protein content on an empty stomach, protein will be & quot; Forced & quot; It is converted into heat energy and consumed, and has no nutritional and nourishing effect. In addition, in a short period of time, excessive accumulation of protein, protein decomposition process will produce a lot of urea, ammonia and other harmful substances, which is not conducive to health.

three taboo strong irritant food. If you eat spicy, sour, salty and frozen foods on an empty stomach, these foods will damage the gastric mucosa or intestinal wall, cause gastrointestinal spasm, colic and induce gastrointestinal diseases. For women during menstruation, fasting strong stimulant food can also cause menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea.

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