The formula of three kinds of health tea is

. When you drink health tea, a foreign friend is full of praise after drinking Chinese health tea. Who knows that China’s health tea is ever-changing, different kinds of tea, but the health function is very good. Tea is also to pay attention to the method, master the health tea formula, tea may not be able to play the role of health care. Health tea, which can neutralize the advantages of various teas, can quench thirst, generate fluid, refresh the mind and nourish the heart.

if you want to make good health tea, it is best to choose a better tea set. For example, Zisha teapot, in the aspect of making health tea, good tea sets can not only keep the pure taste of tea, but also make tea stay fragrant for a long time. When the utensils are ready, let’s talk about the formula of health tea.

1: Shengjin Yuyin, Qingre Runzao, the treatment of dry mouth, dry throat, thirsty cough of autumn dryness; It can also be used to treat febrile diseases with excessive heat, burn lung and stomach yin, thirst in mouth, cough and white foam, and sticky.

formula: 5 green fruits (mashed), 6 g Dendrobium, 6 g chamomile, 5 water chestnuts (peeled), 9 g Ophiopogon japonicus, 2 fresh reed roots (chopped), 9 g mulberry leaves, 6 g Zhuru, 10 fresh lotus roots and 2 yellow pears (peeled).

2, mulberry apricot tea: xuanzaore, Runfei Zhike. Objective to treat autumn dryness caused by dry cough without phlegm, headache and fever in autumn.

formula: mulberry leaf, almond, Shashen, xiangbeimu, Douchi 9 g each, Shanzhi 6 g, pear skin 30 G.

3. Radish tea: it has the functions of clearing away heat and resolving phlegm, regulating qi and appetizing. It is suitable for coughing up phlegm and eating without fragrance. White radish is rich in nutrition, contains calcium and has medicinal value. It can clear away heat and resolving phlegm. Drinking with tea can clear lung heat and resolving phlegm dampness. A little salt can not only flavor, but also clear lung and eliminate inflammation.

formula: 100g white radish, 5g tea, add a small amount of salt, first slice white radish, add salt seasoning (do not put monosodium glutamate), then brew the tea for 5 minutes, then pour into radish juice to take, twice a day, regardless of the time limit.

in addition, tremella tea, as a kind of health tea which can nourish yin and reduce fire, can not only relieve cough and phlegm, but also relieve dampness and inflammation. The formula of Tremella fuciformis health tea is very simple: take 20 grams of Tremella fuciformis and 20 grams of rock sugar to stew, then make it with 5 grams of tea, which is a very sweet health tea. It is especially suitable for drinking in spring and summer, but it is not very suitable for people with diabetes.

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