The four dishes

should not be ordered when drinking When drinking, you should not order the four dishes

. When drinking, you should not order the four dishes

raw fish sashimi.

raw and cold seafood such as sashimi and drunk shrimp are also taboos for drinking. Because fish and shellfish contain thiamine enzyme, vitamin B1 will be broken down. Thiamine enzyme can not lose its function until it is heated to 60 ℃. Therefore, it is easy to cause vitamin B1 deficiency by eating raw fish and shellfish for a long time. When drinking, alcohol can hinder the absorption of vitamin B1 in the small intestine. Therefore, if you eat raw seafood while drinking a lot, the problem of vitamin B1 deficiency will be more serious.

barbecue kebab.

a kebab with a few bottles of beer is enjoyable, but it is also harmful to health. Food after barbecue will not only lose fat and protein and other nutrients, but also easily produce carcinogens. Alcohol can dilate gastrointestinal blood vessels and destroy gastrointestinal mucosa, making these carcinogens more easily absorbed by the human body.

cold powder and cold skin.

sour, hot and smooth cold noodles and cold skins are also popular dishes for drinking. But Fu Jinru, honorary president of Tianjin nutrition society, said that alum will be added in the processing of jelly. Alum has the astringent effect, can slow down the blood flow speed, prolong the residence time of alcohol in the blood, and increase the harm of alcohol to human health. In addition, alum and alcohol need liver detoxification, eating together will increase the burden on the liver.

sausage and bacon.

a salted meat and a Baijiu, the taste of wine is long but hidden health risks. Smoked and cured foods contain more nitrosamines. Nitrosamines are highly soluble in alcohol, which will increase the risk of esophageal cancer and gastric cancer.

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