The four principles of healthy vegetarianism are

& mdash; Malnutrition is inevitable

if a person only eats vegetarian for a long time, it is easy to reduce the secretion of digestive enzymes and the sensitivity of taste buds. For a long time, he is prone to have poor appetite. Moreover, if he only eats a single structure diet for a long time, it will also reduce his body resistance and lead to various diseases. For the sake of physical fitness and physical vitality, Proper protein and fat are essential.

and the main ingredient of most vegetarians is fiber, which can reduce the re absorption of bile acid, also affect the concentration of bile salt, and affect the absorption of vitamins.

—& mdash; When gallstones arrive unexpectedly,

people who have been vegetarian for a long time

& mdash& mdash; Female infertility will occur

in recent years, vegetarianism has been accepted and respected by many people, especially some obese people. Although it is said that eating more vegetarianism and fruits and vegetables can achieve certain weight loss effect, if this happens frequently, it will affect the internal environment, affect the secretion of hormones in the body, and even lead to infertility due to sex hormones.

especially the people in their thirties, their fertility has declined, especially they can not blindly adhere to vegetarian diet.

—& mdash; The life of husband and wife is affected

long time vegetarianism can lead to the decline of sexual function, and even make the symptoms of sexual apathy and premature ejaculation.

because testosterone is an important substance to maintain and enhance desire, but once you only eat vegetarian for a long time, protein intake will be affected, and this situation will lead to a decrease in testosterone.

—& mdash; leads to vitamin B12 deficiency

animal food and seafood are rich in vitamin B12, which is the most vulnerable vitamin for vegetarians. Although vitamin B12 belongs to group B vitamins, it can be stored in the liver. After using up the storage amount, the deficiency symptoms will appear after more than half a year.

Four principles of healthy vegetarianism

from the above, we know that some of the adverse effects of long-term vegetarianism are indeed very serious, but some people do not like meat, so how to eat vegetarianism correctly? What principles should we follow if we want to be a healthy vegetarian? Let’s take a look.

principle 1: eat more coarse grains

vegetarians who do not like meat should use whole wheat food instead of rice and other food to increase the vitality of the stomach.

principle 2: eat more beans

if you only like vegetarianism, then you should eat more beans to supplement the protein in the food and increase the body’s resistance.

Principle 3: eat more nuts

nuts can help the body to add enough calories, is the best choice for vegetarians.

Principle 4: vitamin supplement

vegetarians generally think that they should be able to supplement a lot of vitamins when they are vegetarian. In fact, this idea is wrong. Long term vegetarian, the body’s internal vitamin B is very lack, so it is recommended to eat more comprehensive vitamins to supplement the body’s nutrition.

from this point of view, there are many disadvantages of long-term vegetarianism. Therefore, for the sake of your health, you should choose a diversified diet and try to combine meat and vegetable. If you have the problem of obesity, then you can try to stay away from those greasy food, you can eat some lean meat, chicken, fish, etc., do not blindly stay away from meat dishes!

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