The function of dietary fiber is good and the taste is rid of

of dietary fiber.

dietary fiber is mainly derived from cereals essence germ fiber, rich in minerals, cellulose and oligosaccharides. It is a natural food for human health to lose weight and reduce fat. If the body lacks dietary fiber, constipation may occur. Now follow to understand it!

The main functions of dietary fiber

1 and the treatment of diabetes

dietary fiber can enhance the sensitivity of insulin receptor and improve the utilization of insulin. Dietary fiber can encapsulate the carbohydrate of food, make it gradually absorbed, and have the function of balancing postprandial blood sugar, so as to regulate the blood sugar level of diabetics and treat diabetes.

2, prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease

the increase of serum cholesterol can lead to coronary heart disease. The excretion of cholesterol and cholic acid is closely related to dietary fiber. Dietary fiber can combine with cholic acid, and make cholic acid excrete from the body quickly. At the same time, the combination of dietary fiber and cholic acid will promote the conversion of cholesterol to cholic acid, thus reducing the cholesterol level.

3 The antihypertensive effect of

dietary fiber can adsorb ions and exchange with sodium and potassium ions in the intestine, so as to reduce the ratio of sodium and potassium in the blood and play a role in lowering blood pressure.

4, anticancer effect

since the 1970s, the Research Report of dietary fiber in anticancer has been increasing, especially the relationship between dietary fiber and gastrointestinal cancer. The early investigation in India showed that health food can induce a large number of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, make the intestinal flora transform in the direction of human health, and reduce the production of carcinogens.

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