The function of pollen

when it comes to pollen, a pure natural health care product, I believe you are not unfamiliar with it. Because pollen is the essence of plant life, it is rich in high nutritional value and medicinal value, and even has beauty, anti-aging effect and function, is a good food therapy. So what are the functions and effects of pollen? How to eat pollen?

in fact, the efficacy and role of pollen are very wide and very good, not only can enhance our body’s immune ability, but also can prevent brain and cardiovascular diseases. Here is a detailed introduction to the role and efficacy of pollen, for your study and reference.

what is pollen?

pollen is a unique structure of seed plants, which is equivalent to a microspore and its early male gametophyte. Pollen is the male cell of plants, also known as the “spermatozoa” of plants. It is the essence of plant life. It has high nutritional value and medicinal value, and is a natural health product.

pollen has a wide range of functions. Professor Ye Juquan, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and famous pharmacist, believes that “pollen is a kind of best food therapy with the most comprehensive nutrition, which has the functions of strengthening physical strength, increasing spirit, rapidly eliminating fatigue, beauty and anti-aging”. Specifically, it has the following functions.

1, enhance the body’s comprehensive immune function: pollen polysaccharide can activate the phagocytic activity of macrophages, improve the body’s disease resistance. Strengthen physique, eliminate fatigue and improve immunity. Many foreign athletes often eat pollen, and the National Sports Commission officially defines pollen as the health food for Chinese athletes.

2, anti-aging, beauty effect: bee pollen is a kind of nutritional beauty cosmetics. The ingredients of VE, SOD and Se in bee pollen can nourish the skin, restore the elasticity and smoothness of the skin. The inositol in the pollen can make the white hair black, the hair loss grows gradually, and keep the hair black and beautiful.

3, prevention and treatment of cerebral and cardiovascular diseases: Flavonoids in pollen can effectively remove the deposition of fat on the wall of blood vessels, so as to soften blood vessels and reduce blood lipid.

4, regulate nervous system, promote sleep.

5, prevention and treatment of prostate disease: pollen is the killer of prostatitis, rape pollen is the best. QianLieKang is made of pollen for prostate diseases. It is recommended that Flos Sophorae honey combined with rape pollen of ji’antang has the best effect, which is a good natural treatment for prostate disease.

6, weight loss: take bee pollen can absorb enough nutrition, cause satiety. At the same time, lecithin in pollen can burn excess fat to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

7, regulate gastrointestinal function: pollen has many bactericidal ingredients, can kill Escherichia coli, and can prevent constipation.

8, liver protection: Flavonoids in pollen can also prevent fat deposition in the liver.

9, adjuvant treatment of other diseases: pollen for anemia, diabetes, improve memory, menopause disorders and so on.

how to eat pollen

1, eating methods: first, direct consumption, that is, direct consumption of pollen. The method is to pour the dry powder directly into the mouth, and then take it with warm water not higher than 40 ℃. This method may not be used to at first, and can be adapted after several times. This is the most convenient and simple method. In addition, there are pollen capsules, pollen tablets, compound pollen preparations, pollen oral liquid and other processed products, which are also directly edible. Second, mix the pollen and honey (or sugar water) in a ratio of 1:1 ~ 2 to reduce the odor of the original pollen and make it taste good, and then serve it with warm boiled water. Some pollen in porridge is convenient, but the temperature of porridge should not be higher than 40 ℃; Some put in milk, drink with drink, also can dip wine with drink. In addition, according to the literature, the Japanese often use pollen to drink wine, or add it to yogurt or sprinkle it on cold dishes. Nordic restaurants often put pollen on the table to eat freely. In the United States, pollen is mixed with ice cream, milk, egg milk drinks and broth. However, it should be noted that the pollen should not be heated at high temperature. If it is a dry hard lump, it can be soaked in warm boiled water until it is soft or mashed before eating.

2, eating time: practice shows that the best eating time is 15-30 minutes before breakfast, because it is easy to absorb. The treatment dose is large, it is best to take it 2-3 times, the first time before breakfast, the second and third time before lunch or dinner 15-30 minutes, or before going to bed. Children should eat pollen 2-3 times.

3. Consumption cycle: according to the clinical observation at home and abroad, pollen should be consumed for at least 1-2 weeks for treatment. Generally, 15-30 days should be taken as a course of treatment to get better effect, because the effect of pollen diet is relatively slow, and it is impossible to have an immediate effect. Some difficult or chronic diseases even need to last for several months or longer. If it is used as a general way to strengthen one’s health and enhance one’s physical fitness, it is not necessary to strictly follow the above requirements. If it is possible, it can be eaten frequently, but in a smaller amount.

side effects of pollen: pollen is a health product, so I think a small amount of long-term consumption is the best way to eat. Our own immune system is the best defense system. It’s good to eat all kinds of immunity enhancing products properly. Don’t eat in large quantities for a long time. If the immune system is spoiled, there will be a big problem.

after reading the answer to the question about the function and efficacy of pollen in detail, I believe you have a general understanding of pollen. Pollen does have very good medicinal value and beauty value, but you should pay attention to the time when you eat it. The best time to eat it is 15 to 30 minutes before breakfast.

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