The fungus in autumn is so delicious that we can teach you different methods for different fungi

autumn, fungus season! At this time, all kinds of mushrooms with different shapes, colors and tastes are on the market. They are delicious! Let’s have a look at it.

Pleurotus ostreatus

Pleurotus ostreatus, also known as white Pleurotus ostreatus, has high nutritional value, and the price is generally close to the people. It is a mushroom variety with high cost performance.

nutritional value: Pleurotus ostreatus is a kind of Coprinus comatus, which is also called Coprinus comatus, thorn mushroom and so on. It is thick in the top and thin in the bottom, shaped like chicken leg and tastes like shredded chicken.

nutritional value: rich in minerals and vitamins and low in fat, Coprinus comatus polysaccharide, bioactive protein, Coprinus comatus element, phenols, etc., have antioxidant, auxiliary hypoglycemic and other health functions, is & lt; A rookie in the mushroom;.

food suggestion: the meat of Coprinus comatus is tender and delicious. It can be fried, stewed and stewed for a long time. Its surface is smooth and not very good; Oil absorption;, It can be fried. Whether it’s with meat or with vegetables such as carrots, it can make people full of appetite.

recommended dishes: fried Coprinus comatus. Wash the coprinus comatus, carrot and green pepper and cut them into slices. Soak and wash the fungus. Heat the oil in the pan and add the coprinus comatus and fungus. Stir fry for a few minutes. Then add the carrot and green pepper and stir fry for a while. Flammulina velutipes

Flammulina velutipes is also known as simple mushroom, winter mushroom and cashmere stalk fungus. Because of its beautiful shape and delicious taste, it is not only a kind of ornamental fungus, but also a very good edible fungus.

nutritional value: Flammulina velutipes contains 8 kinds of essential amino acids, which are higher than common edible fungi. It is rich in lysine, arginine, vitamins and minerals, and can promote children’s intellectual development. It is also known as & quot; in Japan; Zengzhi mushroom & quot;. At the same time, Pleurotus ostreatus is helpful to reduce blood lipid and cholesterol.

food suggestion: Flammulina velutipes is not easy to digest. If it is cold, blanch it with water. In addition, it is also very delicious to stew tomato, beef and Flammulina velutipes soup.

recommended dishes: steamed Flammulina velutipes with minced garlic. Cut off the old roots of Flammulina velutipes, wash and drain. Steam for 8-10 minutes. Pour out part of the soup, sprinkle the surface of Flammulina velutipes with minced garlic and green onion, and drizzle with a little soy sauce and sesame oil.

slide mushroom

slide mushroom, also known as pearl mushroom, is one of the five artificial cultivated mushrooms in the world because it has a layer of mucus on its surface and is smooth and delicious when eaten.

nutritional value: in addition to some conventional nutrients, the mucopolysaccharide on the surface of Pleurotus ostreatus is beneficial to maintain the energy and brain power of human body, and has the effect of inhibiting tumor, which has high medicinal value.

food suggestion: Slippery Mushroom is tender and delicious. It can be boiled and cold mixed, or fried with other food, or stewed.

recommended dishes: stewed fish with mushrooms. Blanch mushrooms and set aside. Cut the raw fish into pieces, marinate with onion, ginger, pepper and yellow rice wine for 10 minutes. Put oil in the pan and stir fry minced ginger. Fry the fish on both sides. Add water to cover the fish. Add pepper, yellow rice wine and white vinegar, add mushrooms, bring to a boil over high heat and simmer over low heat for about 8 minutes.

Seafood mushroom

, also known as Hypsizygus marmoreus, crab flavor mushroom and white jade mushroom, is more delicious than Pleurotus ostreatus, thicker than Pleurotus ostreatus, stronger than Lentinus edodes in texture, and has a unique crab flavor.

nutritional value: Seafood mushroom is not only rich in crude fiber, amino acids, potassium, magnesium and other minerals, the highest content of which are glutamic acid and aspartic acid, and these two amino acids are the reason why seafood mushroom tastes delicious. In addition, polysaccharides, phenols, flavonoids and other bioactive components have good antioxidant and immunomodulatory effects.

food suggestion: the seafood mushroom has the flavor of seafood after cooking. It is suitable for making soup. It can keep the seafood flavor well, or it can be used in hot pot, and the seafood flavor will be added to the hot pot soup. Common recipes include fried seafood mushrooms with broccoli, fried shrimp with seafood mushrooms, and seafood mushroom ball soup.

recommended dish: Seafood mushroom with tomato sauce. Wash and blanch the seafood mushrooms, stir fry the garlic slices in the hot pot, cut the tomatoes into small pieces, stir fry the juice, pour in the seafood mushrooms, stir well, add some salt and sprinkle with scallion, then you can eat.


white mushroom is also called Tricholoma, cap white, thick meat, short handle. Mongolian local products, formerly exported to the mainland through Zhangjiakou, are the distribution center of Mongolian goods, so they are known as & lt; Mushroom & quot;.

nutritional value: Tricholoma has the advantages of more protein, selenium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and low calorie. Tricholoma also contains a lot of dietary fiber, which can prevent constipation. Mushroom contains a lot of selenium and germanium, second only to ganoderma lucidum, and selenium can inhibit precancerous lesions to a certain extent.

food suggestion: the biggest characteristic of Tricholoma is that it tastes delicious, so the best way to eat it is to cook soup, because most of the Tricholoma is water, and other cooking methods will cause the loss of nutrients in the soup, so cooking soup can make full use of all the nutrients. Mushroom can be used to do dishes without chicken essence and monosodium glutamate, it is enough delicious.

recommended dishes: Fried Tofu with mushrooms. Blanch the mushroom. Don’t be too soft. Sliced tofu, stir fried with less oil. After the golden tofu, add a little sugar, two spoonfuls of thin salt soy sauce, a little salt, pepper, pepper powder. Stir fry and serve.

: don’t pick wild mushrooms you don’t know. It’s better to buy them in the regular market. It’s safer to eat them. In addition, some more expensive mushrooms, such as Tricholoma matsutake, Dictyophora indusiana, red fungus, Boletus, Termitomyces gallicola, Hericium erinaceus and so on, have no higher nutritional value than ordinary mushrooms, and the cost performance is not very high. You can taste them occasionally.

Storage and treatment methods:

1, controlled atmosphere storage:

(1) the mushrooms were packed in 0.04-0.06 mm thick polyethylene bags by spontaneous controlled atmosphere, and the low oxygen and high carbon dioxide environment in the bags were caused by the respiration of the mushrooms themselves. The packing bag should not be too large. Generally, it is suitable to hold 2-4 Jin. The quality remains unchanged in 5 days at 0 ℃.

(2) the mushroom was packed in 0.04-0.06 mm thick polyethylene bags filled with nitrogen and carbon dioxide, and kept at 2-4% and 5-10% respectively, which could inhibit the opening and browning at 0 ℃.

(3) the mushrooms were packed in 0.06-0.08 mm thick polyethylene bags in vacuum packaging. The content of low oxygen was reduced by vacuum pumping. The mushrooms could be kept for 7 days at 0 ℃.

2, ice storage method

add ice to cool the mushroom body during transportation, put a layer of plastic film in the packaging container, place 4-6cm thick crushed ice at the bottom, place ice bag in the middle, place mushrooms around, fold the film inward when the packing is 80% full, then cover the film with 5cm thick crushed ice, and finally cover it for transportation.

3, tank storage method

put 3-4cm deep cold water at the bottom of the clean tank, set a wooden frame on it, put the mushrooms on it, then seal it with plastic film, and store it at low temperature.

4, drug treatment

(1) saline. The mushrooms can be pre cooled and prevented from browning by washing with 0.6% cold salt water and soaking for 10 minutes, and then drained for storage. The effect would be better if it was washed with salt water and rinsed with 0.1% ascorbic acid or 0.1% citric acid. Drain and refrigerate in plastic bags.

(2) sodium pyrosulfite. After harvest, use 0.02% sodium pyrosulfite to wash away the sundries, then put it in 0.05% sodium pyrosulfite for half an hour, wash it with clean water, and then drain it for storage, which has a good color protection effect.

5, irradiation

& gamma; Radiation can prevent fresh mushrooms from discoloring, inhibit respiration and open umbrella. The dosage of radiation is 200-300 rad.

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