The great use of small rubber band

the great use of small rubber band

it seems that rubber band has been used to tie things, anyway, it is a small thing that can be found everywhere when it is not used. But in fact, we all seem to underestimate the function of rubber band, because in the following introduction, this girl actually gives full play to the function of rubber band, making the small defects in life perfect! Let’s have a look at the great use of rubber bands! If you keep looking, you’ll admire her creativity.

1, don’t want the spoon into the bowl?

tie the rubber band in the middle of the spoon, and the spoon will stick on the edge of the bowl.

2, wearing glasses often slide down?

as long as the rubber band is tied to the end of the frame on both sides, the problem will be solved!

3, girls always have no power to open the pot?

put the rubber band on the cover and turn it again to open it.

4. Is the leftover sewing thread easy to loose?

is fixed with rubber band. The sewing thread and the leftover tape are good!

5, books often scattered in bags?

put the rubber band on the book, then the book will not be scattered in the bag.

6, afraid of chopping board when cutting vegetables?

put rubber bands on both ends of the chopping board so that it won’t move when cutting vegetables.

7, can’t screw out?

add a rubber band on it to solve the problem!

8. Lock the door when you don’t want to close it?

then you might as well use a rubber band to tie a & lt; X” Words.

9. How much paint is left?

rubber band in the remaining position of the paint, you can see it at a glance!

10, often make a mess of the can and the surrounding when painting?

tie the rubber band to the middle of the paint pot, and then you can wipe the excess paint back into the pot.

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