The harm of chewing gum

chewing gum is the favorite of many people. However, when choosing chewing gum, we should also pay attention not to carry out it at will. Otherwise, it will do great harm to our own health. Moreover, random eating will also cause some impact on the human body. What is the harm of chewing gum? When eating this kind of food, There are some hazards, so when eating, it is necessary to make appropriate choices.

many people are not very clear about the harm of chewing gum, so we need to have a good understanding of it when we choose it, so when we eat it, there is no harm to human health, so we can choose it safely.

gum harm:

gum will cause abdominal distension

chewing gum will increase saliva secretion, long-term let the oral cavity in a high metabolic state, secrete too much unnecessary saliva is actually not good for the body, and if you like to chew outdoors, it will let a lot of air into the stomach, causing abdominal distension, It’s hard.

gum will damage teeth

chewing gum in large quantities will damage your teeth. If it is peppermint flavor, chewing it often will damage oral mucosa, because it is corrosive. And often do a lot of chewing exercise, will make your masticatory muscles more developed, resulting in larger face.

side effects of chewing gum — diarrhea, obesity

some people or some advertisements say that general chewing gum can lead to tooth decay, while the chewing gum containing xylitol can “take the lead” in this respect, which has the effect of preventing dental caries. So many people don’t buy gum that doesn’t contain xylitol. However, some experts recently pointed out that the efficacy of xylitol has been over exaggerated, and there are misunderstandings in the use of xylitol. Long term excessive consumption will also have side effects, such as diarrhea and obesity. Moreover, xylitol is prohibited for people with insulin induced hypoglycemia.

through the above introduction, we also have a good understanding of the harm of chewing gum, so we can rest assured when we choose it. However, we should pay attention to that when we eat this kind of food, if our body is abnormal, we need to stop eating it, which is of great help to our health.

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