The harm of eating breakfast while walking is great!

The harm of eating breakfast while walking is great!

the harm of eating breakfast while walking is great!

because of the short time, some office workers often have breakfast on their way to work, that is, eating while walking. This saves time, but it will have adverse effects on their health.

is easy to cause dyspepsia

when the gastrointestinal tract is in operation, the demand for blood supply is very high. If we eat breakfast while doing whole body exercise, part of the blood will be supplied to the muscle tissue, and the blood used for digestion will be reduced. In the short run, it will cause dyspepsia, and in the long run, it will easily lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction.

eat into a pile of pollutants

the pollution of the city has become an irresistible trend, walking on the road while eating breakfast, so that we eat not only food, but also heavy metals, dust and some pollutants in the air, such breakfast, do not eat.

easily gain weight

eating breakfast while walking can lead to weight gain because people are distracted in the process and eat more, according to a British survey. Researchers found that people eat more when they walk than when they eat while watching TV or chatting with friends. It is reported that the study required 60 female subjects to eat compressed dry food in the environment of walking, watching TV and chatting. After the experiment, they completed a follow-up questionnaire and taste test. They ate four different flavors of desserts: chocolate, carrot chips, grapes and potato chips. After they left the room, the researchers tested how much they ate. The results showed that dieters who started eating cereal bars ate more desserts, especially five times more chocolate.

eating while walking will overeat. This may be because walking distracts people’s attention and disturbs their digestion ability after eating. Another reason may be that people think that walking is a way of exercise, so they think that eating more is a reward for exercise. So it is suggested that everyone should have a good breakfast and sit down to have breakfast easily.

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