The harm of eating junk food: make people ugly

Harm of eating junk food: make people ugly

harm of eating junk food

artery narrowing. Eating fast food can quickly damage arteries. A Canadian study shows that when a fully healthy man is given a high saturated fat meal, the arterial wall narrows by 24% two hours after the meal, which may lead to high blood pressure and potential heart problems.

is addictive.

research shows that high sugar food can stimulate the release of dopamine, a brain chemical, which makes people feel satisfied and addicted, and even want to eat.

inattention. Researchers at Cambridge University found that nine days of high-fat diet can make mice make more mistakes in maze walking, which indicates that junk food may disturb attention and make them unable to concentrate on things.

is easy to fatigue.

eating high sugar food means that the blood sugar will increase rapidly, stimulate the release of insulin, mobilize the human body to consume glucose quickly, and the blood sugar will drop sharply. This kind of fluctuation of blood sugar value is easy to make people feel tired and irritable.

disrupts metabolism.

a study shows that junk food can affect metabolism. After 12 healthy college boys eat high-fat food for five days, the efficiency of converting glucose into energy in their muscles is significantly reduced, which can easily lead to metabolic disorders.

destroyed the balance of intestinal flora.

scientists have recently found that feeding mice with high-fat food can change the composition of intestinal flora, increase the reproduction of some pathogenic bacteria and reduce the number of probiotics, thus preventing the intestinal tract from sending out & lt; When you are full, stop eating; It can cause overeating and affect the health of digestive system.

makes people ugly. High fat foods can make people look ugly, according to a new study. Mice experiments showed that mice fed high-fat food had changes in skin protein, internal inflammation and swelling. The researchers said this may explain why after a night of revelry, their faces will be swollen when they wake up the next day.

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