The harm of eating too much salt every day to the body how much salt is appropriate to eat every day

although salt is only a kind of condiment, what are the hazards of eating too much salt in daily life?

1, cause body edema

, it is necessary to eat a little salt every day, but also pay attention to whether the intake is reasonable. The amount of sodium intake determines the water retention. Women with poor blood circulation will have mild edema, especially one week before menstruation. In addition, hormone levels can also cause a lot of water retention, coupled with high salt diet will aggravate the problem of face swelling, headache and abdominal distension. High salt diet for a long time can promote tissue edema. How to eat salt reasonably?

1, control the intake of sodium

in the usual time of salt, it is recommended to prepare a spoon, so that every day can be quantitative. Salt is sodium chloride, an essential component of electrolyte, which maintains the balance of pH and water. But too much salt will increase the burden on the kidney and cause hypertension. For adults, only 2200 mg of sodium per day is needed, which means that three grams of salt per day can meet the body’s demand for sodium.

2, need to be alert to invisible salt

in addition to common edible salt, many foods also contain a lot of salt ingredients. Many young people like to eat all kinds of snacks or desserts and drinks. In fact, during the process of making desserts, salt will be added to flavor them. For example, before making preserves, salt is used to marinate them. There is a lot of invisible salt in them, as well as potato chips and biscuits. Soy sauce is an essential seasoning in our life, which contains a lot of vitamins and amino acids. In 100 grams of soy sauce, it contains about 15 grams of salt. When cooking, try to reduce the intake of seasoning. In addition, every time you buy food, you must carefully look at the table of nutrients and ingredients, especially to see if there is sodium chloride, and if there is sodium and potassium in the table of nutrients.

warm tips

in personal diet, we must develop the habit of less salt, gradually reduce the intake of salt, is very necessary. When cooking food, vinegar can be chosen to improve the taste and reduce the frequency of eating out. The daily amount of salt should not exceed 6 grams. If you eat a high salt diet, it will cause serious damage to the kidney and stomach. At the same time, it will accelerate the loss of calcium, which is prone to osteoporosis, gastric cancer and renal failure.

for those who like to eat heavy flavors, it is recommended to pay proper attention to the intake of salt. The daily intake of salt should not exceed 2200 mg of sodium. For children, it can be reduced appropriately. In addition to controlling the intake of salt, we also need to pay attention to other eating habits, try not to eat sweet food and stimulating food, because this kind of food also has health risks to the body.

The harm of too much salt for children

has a great impact on children’s appetite

children’s stomach function is very weak, sometimes they can’t contact with very irritating food, Ordinary people think that salt is a very necessary daily seasoning, and that it is nothing for children to eat salt, but in fact, this is a wrong understanding.

children don’t like the salty taste very much. At the same time, their bodies don’t like it much. Try to give children a light diet, which is not only easy to absorb, but also conducive to their physical growth.

has a great impact on children’s facial features.

if children eat salt too early, it also has a great impact on their facial features, Salt can make children very uncomfortable, they will always cry.

is also bad for physical development, and these behaviors directly affect the skin and facial features of children’s faces. We all know that the plasticity of children’s facial features is very strong, because their bones are very soft.

and children’s discomfort caused by eating salt will make them feel uncomfortable and affect their mood. When children cry, it will affect the position of facial features. Over a long time, it will greatly affect the development and good shaping of facial features.

It affects children’s physical development

eating salt early is easy to affect children’s physical development, because salt contains a lot of iodine, these trace elements can not be fully absorbed by children, things that can not be fully absorbed accumulate over time, It’s been a long time. It accumulates a lot, so it can’t be absorbed all the time, which seriously causes body garbage.

children’s bodies can’t bear the garbage, not to mention the accumulation in a day, so don’t give children salt too early.

and eating too much salt also affects the absorption of calcium, thus affecting the body height of children. Children do not have calcium absorption, bone growth will be affected, bone is not good, a somersault may be broken.

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