The harm of excessive drinking of beer can not be underestimated. What should be paid attention to when drinking beer in summer

beer is very popular in hot summer, and it is regarded as a necessary drink for many people. Beer is rich in amino acids and vitamins, and can appetizer and invigorate the spleen, relieve heat and dissipate heat. It is indeed suitable for summer drinking. However, the harm of excessive drinking of beer can not be underestimated, and attention should be paid to the relevant factors when drinking; Not to do & quot;, It’s good for your body and mind. Here’s what you need to pay attention to when drinking beer in summer.

1、 It is not suitable to quench thirst with beer

beer is regarded as a cool drink to quench thirst and stop perspiration by many people. But in fact, drinking beer may make you thirsty and sweating worse. According to health experts, beer has a cool and comfortable feeling when drinking, but when alcohol enters the human body, it will stimulate the secretion of adrenal hormones, accelerate the heart beat, expand blood vessels, and increase heat dissipation on the body surface, thus increasing water evaporation and causing dry mouth& nbsp;

at the same time, alcohol can also stimulate the kidney, accelerate metabolism and urination, making the body lose water. In addition, alcohol dissolved in the blood will increase the viscosity of the blood, forcing the blood in the blood vessel to absorb water from the extravascular tissue to dilute the blood, which will also cause dry mouth. It is suggested that individuals drink a lot of boiled water and light tea after drinking beer, and supplement body water in time.

2. It’s not suitable to match barbecue food

many people like to have barbecue while drinking beer in summer night, but this kind of popular food match is likely to induce gout and even cancer. Experts remind that barbecue food is mostly seafood, animal viscera and meat. They are high purine food like beer, and abnormal purine metabolism is an important factor in inducing gout. If you eat barbecue and beer at the same time, you will increase the risk of gout& nbsp;

in addition, in the process of barbecue, not only will & lt; Benzopyrene & quot; And the nucleic acid in meat after heating decomposition will produce gene mutation, carcinogens. Drinking alcohol will make the gastrointestinal blood vessels dilate and dissolve the mucus protein on the surface of the gastrointestinal mucosa, which makes these carcinogens easily absorbed by the human body and increases the risk of cancer. Therefore, when drinking beer, you should try to avoid barbecue. If you really want to eat, you can eat some green leafy vegetables at the same time to reduce the side effects.

3、 The wine temperature should not be too low,

hot sun, drinking iced beer makes people feel very comfortable, but the beer with too low temperature not only affects the taste, but also may induce a variety of diseases. Experts said that even the beer stored in the refrigerator should be controlled at 5-10 degrees centigrade, because the solubility of carbon dioxide in beer varies with the temperature. The various components of beer are balanced in this temperature range to form the best taste. Too low temperature is not only bad to drink, but also will cause the decomposition and dissociation of protein in the liquor, and damage the nutritional components.

more importantly, low wine temperature will lead to a rapid drop in the temperature of the gastrointestinal tract, reduce blood flow, affect the digestive function, in severe cases can cause spastic abdominal pain, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases, and can cause an increase in duodenal pressure, which will lead to an increase in pancreatic pressure, stimulate pancreatic secretion, and induce acute pancreatitis. The alcohol content of beer is not high, so many people drink it freely in summer, and even drink it as a summer drink. But in fact, unlimited drinking of beer is also harmful to the human body. Experts point out that if an individual drinks a large amount of beer, a large amount of water will be discharged quickly, but the alcohol will be absorbed. If he drinks too much beer throughout the summer, it will greatly increase the liver, kidney and heart health; Burden, causing damage to these important organs of the body.

at the same time, because the malt juice of brewing beer contains oxalic acid and uridine, their interaction can increase the amount of uric acid in the human body and promote the formation of stones. In addition, because beer is rich in nutrition and heat energy, and its nutrients are easily absorbed by the human body, a large amount of drinking will cause fat accumulation in the body, so it is not suitable to drink more. Experts suggest that individuals should not drink more than 1000 ml per day.

5、 Fat people should not drink draft beer

beer can be divided into draft beer and draft beer. Generally, draft beer has not been degraded and sterilized, and its smell and taste are better than those of cooked beer. Moreover, it retains the activity of enzyme, which is conducive to the decomposition of macromolecular substances. Therefore, it contains more amino acids and soluble proteins, so it is often more popular than cooked beer. However, it should be noted that it is not suitable for fat people to drink draft beer.

experts warned that because the yeast contained in draft beer can still survive after entering the human body, it can promote the secretion of gastric juice in the human body, and enhance people’s appetite, so drinking draft beer is easy to make people fat, and fat people will drink more and more fat. Fat people and people who lose weight are more suitable for drinking cooked beer, because the yeast in the beer has been killed by high temperature after pasteurization, and will not continue to ferment, so the possibility of obesity is relatively small.

six, beer, carbonated drinks, liquor can not be exchanged for

beer and carbonated drinks contain a lot of carbon dioxide, drinking will make the stomach expand, increase the area of alcohol absorption. At the same time, carbon dioxide will accelerate the absorption of alcohol, more likely to get drunk and damage the liver.

7、 Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are one of the most commonly used drugs in the world, such as aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen. These drugs and alcohol can cause double stimulation to gastrointestinal mucosa, increasing the risk of gastric bleeding and liver injury.

8. Take cephalosporins and nitrazole drugs need to be completely alcohol free

when taking these drugs, if forced drinking will cause disulfiram like reaction, after drinking 15 minutes to an hour or so, limb weakness, dizziness, vomiting, shock and other reactions may appear, the symptoms of patients with heart disease and hypertension are more serious.

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