The harm of fleas – teach you how to get rid of the trouble of fleas

fleas are very annoying small animals. They are very common, especially in animals. If you don’t pay attention to hygiene, you can see them sometimes. If you are bitten by them, you will feel very itchy, and sometimes you will even infect various diseases.

Flea harm – teach you how to get rid of flea trouble

people were bitten by flea symptoms: 6667

people in flea bite, bite the size of the rash, higher than the skin, generally 0.5cm size, skin allergy will be larger, dark red, the center has obvious red spots (flea bite of the mouth mark), itching unbearable and lasting for several days.

was bitten by fleas how to do?

1. Immediately change all your clothes and soak them in the water (it’s better that the water is better than your clothes, and the fleas are most afraid of water, so they can drown the fleas and avoid being bitten again).

2. Apply lifeguard essential oil on the bitten place to relieve itching and scar, How to use lifeguard essential oil? Open the bottle cap, dip the cotton swab with a small amount of essential oil and evenly apply it on the wound. Apply it every other day. The swelling can be reduced in three days and the scar can be eliminated in a week.

3, spray Liushen antipruritic toilet water first, and then wipe fluoride acetate easy cream.

how to kill fleas?

1. As far as families are concerned, the main measures to eliminate fleas are to clean the body surface of pets and to continuously use some insecticides with high efficiency and low toxicity. When purchasing and using insecticides, ordinary families should be sober enough. First of all, they should control the dosage of insecticides, and try not to use them when they are not used. The second is to leave the scene immediately after spraying insecticide. 2 hours later, open the doors and windows to fully ventilate before entering the room. In addition, infants, young children and children whose brain development is not perfect must not be exposed to pesticides, so as to avoid adverse effects on brain development and physical health. In addition, the use of pesticides in the kitchen to avoid contamination of food and cooking utensils. Since most insecticide aerosols are flammable, do not use them in the kitchen where open fire is used to avoid fire.

2, flea Chinese medicine to kill fleas: Baibu 20g, soaked in half a catty of alcohol for 24 hours after spraying can quickly kill fleas´╝ł Among the pyrethroid insecticides, cyhalothrin (Kungfu) and deltamethrin (kaisuling) have very strong contact and stomach toxicity, and the effect is fast and lasting, which can quickly reduce the ground free flea index. It is easy to use, directly diluted with water, can give full play to the efficacy, good dispersion, safe to animals, no pungent smell, no corrosive damage to the surface of the object. Deltamethrin can also kill eggs. Among

4 and organophosphorus insecticides, chlorpyrifos (lesben) is a better drug for controlling health pests. The dilution of spray with chlorpyrifos EC has a high degree of contact killing effect on fleas. Although dichlorvos is highly toxic to human and livestock and corrosive to the surface of copper and iron products, it can also be used in large-scale indoor control of fleas due to its quick knockdown, strong fumigation and low price.

precautions: according to the actual situation, it is the most important to select the dosage form, the ratio of concentration and the correct method of use when spraying. In addition, operators should pay attention to safety, wear protective clothing, hat, mask and gloves.

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