The harm of long-term drinking leads to malnutrition. Guidelines for drinking

men’s daily work, inevitably have to socialize. When it comes to socializing, it must be inseparable from drinking. Drinking for a long time is very harmful to the health. Some male friends regard drinking as their routine. They always eat and drink because they have a good amount of alcohol. Experts point out that. If men have been maintaining bad eating habits and drinking addiction, they will suffer. Let’s take a look at the harm of long-term drinking.

The harm of long-term drinking

drinking will lead to malnutrition

if people often drink, alcohol will suppress their appetite and make them lose appetite and do not want to eat, You can’t absorb enough nutrients. What are the hazards of long-term drinking? Some people often drink alcohol. Every time they eat, they drink alcohol and seldom eat other food. After a long time, they become thinner and thinner and suffer from malnutrition.

drinking hurts the stomach

if you often drink, it will cause a variety of stomach diseases, such as acute gastroenteritis and so on. Alcohol is very harmful to the stomach. Long term drinking may cause gastric ulcer, which is very difficult to treat. A lot of people who often drink have poor digestive ability because alcohol hurts their stomach.

drinking will hurt the liver

the liver is the detoxification organ of the human body. If there is any problem with the liver, the health will not be guaranteed. And some people often drink, alcohol has a great impact on the liver, most of the alcohol to excrete through the liver, after a long time, it will lead to liver cell metabolism disorder, will cause alcoholic liver injury. If long-term drinking more than 10 years, it may cause cirrhosis.

drinking can damage the kidney

many men who often drink don’t have good sexual function. This is because alcohol can damage the kidney. If they often drink, the kidney will be greatly affected. In the long run, the sexual function will be affected.

drinking can hurt the nerves

people who often drink have a bad temper. This is because they have a certain dependence on alcohol. If they don’t have alcohol, they will be very upset. If long-term drinking, it is likely to cause alcoholism, which will change their nervous system, not only change their personality, but also may lead to memory loss. Over time, excessive drinking can lead to weak heart muscle strength and irregular blood flow. Alcoholics often suffer from cardiomyopathy, which can cause relaxation and sagging of the heart muscles. Patients with cardiomyopathy usually have shortness of breath, arrhythmias, fatigue, liver enlargement and persistent cough. Drinking also increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure.

Guidelines for drinking alcohol

alcohol does not drink with coffee

alcohol is harmful. Caffeine can stimulate, refresh and strengthen the stomach. Overdose can also cause poisoning. If alcohol and coffee are drunk together, it is like adding fuel to the fire. It can aggravate the damage to the brain, stimulate blood vessel expansion, accelerate blood circulation, and increase cardiovascular burden. The harm caused is many times more than that caused by simple drinking, and even more likely to endanger life.

no drinking after a cold

drinking after a cold will aggravate the disease. Cold patients, especially severe ones, are mostly accompanied with fever symptoms. At this time, they usually take antipyretic drugs, usually paracetamol. Once the Baijiu and spirits are consumed, the metabolites produced by both will cause serious damage to the liver until it is completely necrotic.

patients with liver diseases should be prohibited from drinking.

people with acute hepatitis, fatty liver, cirrhosis, liver disease and diabetes should strictly prohibit alcohol, including beer. In the convalescent stage of hepatitis and chronic persistent hepatitis, when the liver function is basically normal, you can drink beer at your discretion, but generally not more than half a liter a day. It is not a good habit to drink tea after drinking. Because after drinking, 80% of the alcohol is gradually decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by the liver and discharged out of the body, thus playing the role of anti alcohol. This decomposition generally takes 2 to 4 hours. If you drink tea immediately after drinking, acetaldehyde in wine will be quickly discharged from the body through the kidney, which will damage the kidney and reduce the renal function. At the same time, too much tea, too much water, will also increase the burden of the heart and kidney, for patients with hypertension, angina pectoris coronary heart disease is more unfavorable. Therefore, it’s better to eat some fruits like pears and watermelons after drinking.

should not take medicine after drinking

alcohol contains different degrees of alcohol. Taking drugs after drinking can increase the side effects. Such as drinking LITELING, youjiangling and other drugs, there will be arrhythmia, high blood pressure reaction; Another example is taking sedatives, hypnotics, antiepileptics, antiallergics, antihypertensive drugs after drinking. On the one hand, it can increase the inhibitory effect on the brain, on the other hand, it can make the drug power increase sharply, exceeding the normal tolerance of the human body, causing danger.

do not watch TV after drinking alcohol

drinking makes eyes congested. If drinking too much, the harmful components in the wine will cause serious damage to the eyes, can make the optic nerve atrophy, and even lead to blindness. Watching TV can make eyesight decline, while drinking alcohol can damage the optic nerve. If the two are carried out at the same time, it is tantamount to adding fuel to the fire and causing great damage to eyesight. Therefore, we must not rush to watch TV after drinking, especially for the elderly.

What to eat before drinking

1 and orange

are rich in vitamins, among which VB and VC are very high, and these two vitamins play an important role in protecting our liver, so, Before and after drinking, you can eat a few oranges or drink fresh orange juice, which is helpful to relieve alcohol and protect liver. In addition, pear, banana, apple and watermelon are rich in vitamin C and sugar, which can protect the liver and promote the regeneration of liver cells. Cut apple into pieces and mix with sugar before drinking, which has the effect of preventing drunkenness.

2, big steamed bread (coarse cereals steamed bread is the best)

it’s better to eat steamed bread before drinking, so that part of the alcohol will be absorbed by steamed bread, not easy to get drunk, and not harmful to the body. Starch macromolecules can combine with alcohol, form some protection in the stomach, reduce the stimulation to the gastric wall, and delay the absorption of alcohol. Amylose rich food is more ideal, such as coarse cereals steamed bread, coarse cereals rice and so on. This is because alcohol can drill into the helix of starch molecules to form & lt; Inclusion complex;, The retention time of alcohol in the stomach is prolonged to achieve the purpose of delaying the absorption of alcohol.

3, yogurt (viscous old yogurt is better)

the beneficial bacteria in yogurt can reduce the level of liver injury enzymes in the liver, so as to reduce the liver damage caused by alcohol. In addition, because of adding plant glue thickener, the milk of yogurt is sticky and stays in the stomach for a long time, which is favorable for diluting alcohol. A cup of wine can effectively delay the absorption of alcohol.

4, soybean products

it is said that eating some soaked raw soybeans before drinking can prevent drunk. The reason is that the protein in soybean can be denatured, which can consume alcohol and reduce the damage of alcohol. However, when drinking, eating some soy products is a good way to protect the liver. Lecithin can protect the liver and consume alcohol.

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