The harm of long-term vegetarian is very big!

The harm of long-term vegetarian is very big!

the harm of long-term vegetarian is very great! In recent years, vegetarianism has become a popular way of life. Some people think that vegetarianism is healthier, but long-term vegetarianism is actually not good for health. Especially for women, long-term vegetarian can cause endocrine disorders, serious even amenorrhea or premature ovarian failure, leading to infertility.

long term vegetarian age faster

our body fat is an essential component to strengthen the brain tissue, in daily life, the appropriate intake can effectively play an antioxidant effect, so as to effectively avoid skin inflammation. Once the fat supply of our body is reduced, it will lead to a lot of inflammation of the skin, and it will also lead to the skin becoming inelastic and aging ahead of time. Therefore, in order to have healthy skin, we must eat more meat in our daily life.

long term vegetarianism reduces fertility

people are omnivorous animals. They need to eat both vegetarians and animal protein, and the best balance of meat and vegetable nutrition is also true in terms of child-bearing conditions. Long term vegetarianism will reduce the possibility of fertility for the following three reasons:

first, animal protein is very important for fertility. Most of the nutrients needed to produce sperm and eggs are taken from animal food. If we only eat fast, it may be harmful to the production of sperm and eggs. Secondly, regular vegetarianism may not be conducive to the secretion of sex hormones, which play an important role in the process of fertility. Cholesterol is the basic raw material for the production of sex hormones, and most cholesterol is obtained from animal food, less from vegetarian food. If the sex hormone is not enough, it will affect ovulation. Thirdly, meat and visceral foods are rich in iron, calcium and vitamin B12. People who have only been vegetarian for a long time are more likely to lack these nutrients, which has a far-reaching impact on pregnant women and fetuses.

long term vegetarianism can lead to malnutrition

experts from the nutrition center have found that if long-term vegetarianism completely refuses meat food, it will lead to the decrease of gastric acid and digestive enzymes, at the same time, the taste ability of taste buds will also decline significantly, resulting in poor appetite and other situations. At the same time, if you eat vegetarian food for a long time, it will lead to various diseases. If we want to maintain abundant physical strength every day, protein and fat and other nutrients are essential, but these nutrients are very few in vegetarians, which is why vegetarians are weak and sick.

long term vegetarianism can affect ovulation

researchers found that 78% of women who eat vegetarianism to lose weight have the physiological phenomenon of stopping ovulation, and almost the whole group of people’s menstrual cycle is shorter than the normal time. But in the normal diet group, 67% of the women ovulated normally and their menstrual cycle did not change significantly.

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