The healthy eating method of carrot: the whole root is good for nutrition

The healthy eating method of carrot: it’s better to cook the whole carrot for nutrition. Carrot can effectively reduce the risk of various kinds of cancer. If you give liver cancer patients an appropriate amount of & beta- Carotene, a high value of cancer cells will decline, this is the latest discovery of Japanese scholars.

according to the introduction, the wonderful effect of carrot is to be & beta- Carotene into the human digestive tract, can enhance the body’s anti-cancer ability. This is because after digestion, the carrot can be converted to vitamin A, and vitamin A not only has health functions for the eyes and skin, but also found that vitamin A has obvious inhibitory effects on gastric cancer, bladder cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer. Moreover, carotene also contains vitamin C, lignin and other ingredients, which also has anti-cancer effect.

carrots are not only regarded as the king of vegetables in Japan, but also the health messenger of vegetables in the United States. After more than 29 years of observation, American scientists found that people who often eat foods containing carotene will reduce their chance of lung cancer by 40%.

: it is helpful for cancer patients to eat more carrots when receiving radiotherapy and chemotherapy; Carotene can reduce its toxicity. Radiation can induce the production of oxygen free radicals, but the integrity of microsomal membrane can prevent the production of oxygen free radicals; Carotene can maintain the integrity of microsome membrane; Chemotherapeutics can kill cancer cells and make normal cells mutate, while & beta; Carotene has antimutagenic effect, thus reducing its toxic and side effects.

Carrot & lt; Whole & quot; Many people know that carrots are rich in nutrients, but do you know that carrots are rich in nutrients; Whole & quot; Put it in the pot to keep its nutrients. The latest research found that when cooking carrots, do not cut it, can improve the anti-cancer effect of radish by 20%.

scientists pointed out that the carrot & lt; Whole & quot; Put it into the pot to cook, not only can more effectively prevent the loss of nutrients, but also make the radish taste more delicious. You don’t have to worry about the effect of loading. As long as you wait for the turnip to be cooked, you can still show it; Knife work;, Cut it into the shape you want while preserving its nutrition and flavor.

as a cheap and good civilian vegetable, carrot is not only rich in vitamins and fiber, but also contains an anticancer substance called falcarinol.

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