The heat of salad dressing

vegetable salad fruit salad is now a favorite food for many friends. After the salad dressing is blended, the simple vegetables and fruits not only taste better, but also have more bright colors. It is a kind of food making method. However, although salad dressing is delicious, its calories are relatively high, so it is not recommended that you eat it often. How high are the specific salad dressing calories?

if you want to know more about the heat of salad dressing, you need to pay attention to the relevant knowledge about salad dressing. There are several different kinds of salad dressing, and the heat of salad dressing is also different with different kinds. Please pay attention to this.

studies have shown that mayonnaise has the highest calorie content of any salad dressing. Experts believe that this is mainly due to the fact that more than half of the raw materials of mayonnaise come from edible oil, followed by egg yolk, plus a little sugar, salt and vinegar. A spoonful of mayonnaise contains 110 kilocalories and 12 grams of fat, higher than the same amount of chocolate.

experts also pointed out that in order to cater to the taste of consumers, most salad dressings on the market use a lot of edible oil, resulting in more and more calories. In 100 grams of salad dressing, its calories often account for more than 1 / 4 of the total nutritional content. If you add 3-4 tbsp of salad dressing to a vegetable salad, its calories will exceed 300 kcal, which is equivalent to the calories contained in a meat pie. Excessive intake of calories and fat is no doubt easy to cause obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease.

because of the high calorie content of salad dressing, nutritionists call on everyone to eat less mayonnaise; Second, they advocate reducing the calories of salad dressing by themselves. Japan’s famous nutritionist, weight loss expert Takeuchi fuguiko introduced a method to the reporter, that is, to “dilute” the mayonnaise. For example, remove half of the 80 kcal mayonnaise, and then add half of the yogurt, you can reduce the calories to 45 kcal. In addition, adding appropriate amount of white wine to salad dressing can also reduce the content of oil.

residual water on vegetables will dilute the taste of salad dressing, resulting in overuse of salad dressing. Therefore, remove the moisture from vegetables before putting salad dressing.

after knowing the specific amount of calories in salad dressing, I also remind you that no matter what kind of salad dressing it is, you can’t ignore its calories. If you really like to eat salad dressing, you can learn to make some low-fat salad dressing by yourself, which can not only meet your taste, but also eat healthier.

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