The high nutritional food is specially for the malnourished people

High nutrition food is specially for the malnourished people

. High nutrition food is specially for the malnourished people

. Nuts and beans can supplement fat.

excessive intake of animal fat may make people fat, especially unsaturated fatty acids and cholesterol in meat, which will have adverse effects on human body. However, fat is an important nutrient to maintain the physiological function of human body. Therefore, might as well use vegetable fat to replace, such as vegetable oil, beans, bean products, nuts and so on. Not only can they avoid the above worries, but they are also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which can prevent cardiovascular diseases and other diseases to a certain extent. In addition, these beans also contain & lt; Isoflavones;, Help prevent menopausal symptoms.

protein is not only in meat, but also in bean products.

protein is an important nutrient to maintain health. If the intake is insufficient, the physical strength will decline and the resistance will also weaken& ldquo; Supplement protein and eat more meat;, Many fitness people often talk about this sentence. Indeed, lean meat is a high-quality source of protein, but the content of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol in meat, especially red meat, is not low. Eating too much may increase the risk of chronic diseases such as hyperlipidemia and obesity. It is a good choice to replace red meat with soybean products rich in soybean protein, because soybean products are rich in plant protein, which belongs to complete protein, comparable with animal protein, and do not contain saturated fatty acids.

peanuts and walnuts contain zinc, not fish and meat.

zinc is a kind of trace elements, zinc can promote the development of children’s brain and intelligence, also can promote lymphocyte proliferation and vitality, defense bacteria, promote wound healing. The content of zinc in meat and fish is higher, but the content of zinc in some beans and nuts, such as peanut, almond, walnut, hazelnut and so on, is comparable.

all grains and cereals are supplemented with iron. You don’t have to eat lean meat and liver.

iron deficiency can cause harm to human body in many ways. Iron deficiency anemia can cause loss of appetite, fatigue and weakness. Iron mainly exists in animal foods, such as lean meat, liver, etc., but for those who don’t like meat and liver, they can eat cereals, but its absorption rate is lower than meat. In addition, vitamin C can promote the absorption of iron, you can eat more foods rich in iron and vitamin C, such as raisins, red dates and so on.

sesame and dried fish all contain calcium.

when it comes to calcium supplement, many people will think of milk. Milk is indeed a good source of calcium, but in fact, the calcium supplement of many foods does not lose milk. Try these high calcium foods; Mix and match; Eat: such as 20 grams of dried fish contains about 250 mg of calcium; 150 grams of cooked spinach contains about 225 mg of calcium; 280 grams of tofu contains about 295 mg of calcium; A spoonful of sesame contains about 100 mg of calcium (a cup of milk contains 300 mg).

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