The importance of company name – how to name a company

the importance of company name – how to name a company

[1] Company’s unique brand name and international well-known enterprise’s brand name. In other words, when enterprises choose domain names, they need to pay attention to whether the domain names they choose are the registered trademarks of other enterprises.

[2] Company service or product service object

it should be clear what kind of people the enterprise’s products are going to sell to and who the service object is. Whether it’s a man or a woman, whether it’s an adult or a child, whether it’s a Chinese or a foreigner, whether it’s serving the high-grade or the lower class people, and so on. This is called product market positioning. The first problem in naming a product is whether it follows the principles of communication, and what’s more, it’s easy to spread all over the world. For example, a mineral water named “a few years ago; Love forgetting water;, It’s very hot at once; Whether or not there is inclusion determines whether this product can stand on the market for a long time.

[3] before a company is named, it is necessary to make clear its business projects

all our enterprises and companies plan how to operate after they have business projects, and then plan how to set up a unit. When you name a company, you must be clear about the project you want to run, and the name you want to take should be related to the project you want to run. You can’t hang a & lt; Shangri la Shoes Co; Mark your hair salon with a & lt; Bright hair salon & quot; Let’s go. If it’s business & lt; Glasses & quot; We should focus on & lt; Light& ldquo; Ming & quot; To name, if the beauty of hair, then there should be a little taste of beauty, the breath of youth.

[4] the rationality and legitimacy of the company’s name

originally, this is not a big problem. You can’t confuse the contact and explain it at will. For example, recently appeared & lt; Steamed buns with minced meat& ldquo; Chengdu snacks& ldquo; Flying silk & quot; And so on. First of all, the nominees are required to have high cultural quality and legal knowledge related to the enterprise name. If the name of an enterprise makes a joke, it’s like drawing a deformed caricature for itself, but it helps the enterprise and makes a negative advertisement. A name that goes against people’s common sense and legal provisions will backfire.

[5] the company’s name should conform to the corporate philosophy

the name of an enterprise should be based on the enterprise and consistent with the service purpose of the enterprise, which is conducive to the shaping of the corporate image. The business philosophy, business policy and spirit slogan of the enterprise are combined with & lt; Enterprise communication; It is not only the origin of corporate image positioning and communication, but also the central structure of CI system.

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