The influence of pickled pepper chicken feet

many of us may like to eat pickled pepper chicken feet, but this kind of food is very easy to pass the shelf life. If it can not be well preserved, it is very harmful to ourselves and will have a great negative impact on our health. Although chicken feet are not as good as meat, they are very eager to eat, It has a unique taste, but poisonous pickled chicken feet can’t be used. It’s harmful.

1. First of all, some unscrupulous vendors added nitrite to pickled pepper and chicken feet. Nitrite is a “frequent customer” of pickled products, so it is cheap and has enough salt. Therefore, many people will add this kind of substance to pickled food in order to save cost. But nitrite is harmful to human body, the biggest harm is cancer, so we should try to eat less pickled pepper and chicken feet.

secondly, the color of pickled pepper chicken feet on the market is snow-white, which is very good-looking. In fact, this is the result of adding bleaching agent such as “hydrogen peroxide” bleaching. The strong oxygen bleaching agent is harmful to human body, it will damage our lung function and kidney function, so we’d better stay away from those “perfect” chicken feet.

in addition, pickled peppers and chicken feet on the market all contain preservatives, so as to ensure long-term storage without deterioration, but if you eat them often, it will be harmful to your health.

2. There are many bleaching products in it, most of which are strong oxidizing. It’s not good to eat them. First of all, pickled pepper chicken feet belong to pickled food, nitrite content will be too much, if pregnant women take too much, it has a significant impact on the development of the fetus. Secondly, pickled pepper and chicken feet are spicy food, eating too much fire will affect the normal development of the fetus and postnatal health. Finally, the pickled peppers and chicken feet on the market contain certain preservatives, even strong oxidizing bleaching substances. Long term excessive consumption will weaken the lung function and tissue damage.

the influence of pickled pepper and chicken feet may lead to food poisoning. Mild cases may have stomachache, and severe cases may have coma symptoms. We must pay attention to whether some food is safe and hygienic. It’s better to make delicious food by yourself, which is more reassuring.

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