The ingenious method to dredge the floor drain

The ingenious method of dredge floor drain:

ingenious method of dredge floor drain:

1, log dredge method:

first put a log whose diameter is close to the drain into the water pipe, and put a certain amount of water in the pool, continuously and quickly move the log up and down, under the effect of suction and pressure, the dirt in the pipe will be washed away.

2, soda and vinegar dredging method:

first half cup of cooked soda powder into the sewer, and then half a cup of vinegar, soda and vinegar in the acid reaction can remove the pipeline adhesion of oil substances.

3, caustic soda dredging method:

sewer pipe is blocked, you can buy a few pieces of caustic soda from the market, put it into the sewer pipe, and then pour some hot water. When caustic soda meets with hot water, chemical change occurs when caustic soda meets with hot water, the temperature rises rapidly, and the oil scale in the pipeline dissolves and discharges along with the water, so as to solve the problem of sewer blockage.

4, pump dredge method:

when the floor drain is blocked, you can plug the hose of pump into the sewer, and then put in a small amount of water, constantly pump air in, the pipeline can be dredged.

5, biological dredging method:

put a small yellow into the sewer, and then add some irritant things such as washing powder or salt, cover the cover, and dredge the pipe through the biological characteristics of yellow.

6, dredger:

, available in supermarkets & lt; Pipeline connection & quot; (liquid, bottled), specially clean up this kind of pipe blockage, pour appropriate amount according to the degree of blockage, pay attention to the instructions before buying, because some kinds of pipes are for metal pipes, plastic pipes can’t be used.

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