The ingenious usage of tea leaves after drinking

The ingenious usage of leftover tea

the ingenious usage of leftover tea

(1) the fishy and scallion smell in the container can be removed by drinking the leftover wet tea.

(2) wash greasy pots and bowls, wooden and bamboo tables and chairs with the remaining tea to make things more smooth.

(3) boiled eggs with tea leaves and other condiments are fragrant and delicious.

(4) dry the remaining tea and spread it in a damp place to remove moisture.

(5) immerse the remaining tea in water for a few days and pour it on the root of the plant to promote the growth of the plant, but it is better not to pour the tea in the flowerpot, because it is inconvenient to clean, it will rot, have peculiar smell and grow insects.

(6) after drying the remaining tea, put it into the pillow. It has the functions of heat clearing, fire removing, eyesight improving, brain refreshing and refreshing, and is very soft, especially suitable for computer users.

(7) drink the remaining tea to feed the newborn silkworm.

(8) to dry the remaining tea and put it into the toilet or ditch for fumigation, which can eliminate the stench and has the function of expelling mosquitoes and flies.

(9) after finger burns, soak in the remaining tea to relieve the burning pain.

(10) drink the remaining tea and dry it to make insole, which can remove the odor of wet sweat and reduce the trouble of foot odor.

(11) heating the remaining tea leaves can also remove the choking smoke.

(12) wash your hair with the leftover tea. It can remove dandruff, relieve itching and black hair. If you wash your eyebrows with it often, your eyebrows will become thick and black.

(13) gargle with the remaining tea to remove the bad smell.

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