The intestinal tract likes these four kinds of food most:

Intestinal favorite of these four kinds of food

intestinal favorite of these four kinds of food

potato beans: dry beans as staple food, fresh beans as side dishes

sweet potato soluble and insoluble dietary fiber are relatively rich, not used to rice, sweet potato, potatoes cut into small pieces and steamed rice, avoid staple food nutrition is too single.

the dietary fiber in kidney bean, red bean and soybean is more than that in potato, and the oligosaccharide in soybean can promote the reproduction of probiotics. Tender pea, tender broad bean, tender Maodou also contain a lot of dietary fiber, which is good to eat as a side dish.

seaweed: cold soup, delicious nutrition

Undaria pinnatifida is high dietary fiber, low fat and rich in minerals and vitamins. Magnesium, calcium, iodine and other trace elements are rich, also contains seaweed glue and other soluble dietary fiber. Cauliflower is also a good seaweed food. It has a high content of vegetable gum. It can absorb water and swell in the intestines, which is good for relieving constipation. It can be eaten by middle-aged and elderly people.

sea cabbage has high sodium content. Soak in water for a while before eating, blanch it in boiling water, squeeze out the water, chop it up, add salt, soy sauce, mashed garlic and sesame oil, and mix well. Kelp soup, laver soup, sea cabbage and egg soup are also very good.

rhizome: Burdock and carrot make vegetable soup

celery, burdock, carrot and other rhizome vegetables are also popular in the intestines, especially burdock; Oriental Ginseng & quot; The reputation, rich in crude fiber, help defecate. Make vegetable soup, burdock, carrots are good ingredients, stew after a little seasoning, light drink.

apple, orange, pitaya, kiwifruit and other fruits are rich in cellulose, hemicellulose, pectin, gum and other dietary fiber, which have a positive effect on intestinal health and cancer prevention.

coarse cereals: replace half of white rice flour with coarse cereals

to make the intestinal tract comfortable, we must first strengthen the team of intestinal probiotics. Probiotics like foods rich in dietary fiber and oligosaccharides, and whole grains bear the brunt. But look at our rice bowls, almost all of them are white rice and steamed bread. According to statistics, the dietary fiber intake of residents in recent years is about 15g, less than the recommended amount of 20g-30g.

change half of the white rice and flour at home into coarse cereals. Choose several kinds each time and put them into the electric pressure cooker to cook porridge; Or soak beans for 8-12 hours in advance and coarse cereals for 2-4 hours to make coarse cereals porridge, which is easy to boil and digest.

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