The key to eating overnight food depends on the storage conditions and transformation methods

overnight rice, overnight vegetables, overnight water, overnight tea, overnight soup and overnight meat & hellip& hellip; I don’t know when these overnight foods have been withheld; Carcinogenic, toxic & quot; I’m not guilty. What kind of food can’t be eaten overnight? Now follow to understand it!

Overnight meals, mainly overnight vegetables, meat, soup and so on, can not be eaten because it will produce nitrite, leading to cancer. In fact, nitrite is not as terrible as you think, it needs a lot of preconditions to transform into nitrosamine carcinogens. Nitrite is very common in fruits and vegetables. Many processed meats you eat also contain nitrite, such as pink sauced beef, boiled sliced meat, Hangzhou pepper beef fillet, etc. In contrast, there’s no need to worry about the nitrite in leftovers.

There are also rumors that & lt; Overnight tea causes cancer;, Because it contains a lot of nitrite, this is actually a misunderstanding. After testing, a cup of green tea, black tea or Longjing tea (240 ml) of nitrate and nitrite content are less than 0.03 mg, Pu’er tea is almost the same. The content of nitrate can be increased several times, but it is still very small. A cup of tea is only about 0.2 mg. However, the content of nitrite did not change much. According to the national standard, the limit of sodium nitrite in pickled vegetables is 10 mg / kg, and that in cured meat is 30 mg / kg. It can be seen that the trace nitrate and nitrite in overnight tea will not pose a threat to health. When it comes to drinking water overnight, let’s think about it from another angle. If you can drink water in the daytime, why can’t you drink water in the evening? I don’t know the water in the water dispenser. How can I still drink it after several nights?

In fact, whether overnight food can be eaten or not depends on the storage conditions. For example, leftovers, soup, cold dishes, and stewed dishes that stay overnight at room temperature are better not to eat, because they are prone to excessive bacteria, causing diarrhea and other diseases. The general recommendation of the scientific community is that leftovers should be stored at room temperature for no more than 4 hours, and at high temperature for no more than 2 hours. The suggestion is to put leftovers into the refrigerator when there is still residual heat. Although it costs a little more electricity, it is safer. This is because the bacteria propagate fastest at 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, so it is necessary to cool down to the cold storage condition as soon as possible. In addition, the leftovers need to be thoroughly heated when they are eaten again, and the storage time in the refrigerator should not be too long. For cold vegetables, it is generally recommended to eat as much as you can, and throw away the rest to avoid food safety risks. If it’s bittern cold dishes or meat dishes, such as sauced beef, it’s safe to steam them before eating.

How to avoid leftovers? People are enthusiastic when they eat new dishes; But eating the same dish at a time is obviously unpleasant.

in many families, housewives gain weight and lose their slim body because of eating leftovers, because husbands and children despise leftovers. In fact, in addition to vegetables, it’s not difficult to renovate leftovers of fish and meat food. There are only three major technologies: changing knives, adding ingredients and changing seasoning.

for example, if there are some large pieces of meat left, it is not enough to make a single dish. You can cut it into small pieces and add some fragrant vegetables to make fried meat slices.

for example, add parsley, onion, celery and so on, which can make fried meat become fragrant and appetizing, and the family will certainly welcome it as a new dish.

For example, if the original meat is braised in soy sauce, you can consider adding some curry powder, potatoes and carrots to transform it into curry flavor.

can also transform leftovers into soup, such as leftover ribs and vegetable noodles, to make vegetable ribs soup noodles; The remaining scrambled eggs with tomato, agaric and dough lumps were transformed into tomato flavor soup.

in this way, leftovers will not be wasted and will be cooked enough when reheated; Through & quot;, Safety is guaranteed and the family is happy to eat.

in short, although not leftovers is our ideal goal, for animal food, especially meat, it is common to cook two or three meals at a time. As long as the food is packed and preserved immediately after cooking, and the second meal is heated and used reasonably, it can live in peace with leftovers safely.

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