The key to remove the greasy stove

The key to remove the greasy stove is

. The key to remove the greasy stove is

1. Or with radish or cucumber chips dipped in the right amount of detergent wipe, with hot water cleaning, the effect is also very good.

2. We can pour an appropriate amount of detergent into the stove, then wipe it evenly with carrot head, and then dry it with a rag. This way you’ll see that the stove is as bright as new. Tips: sliced cucumbers or carrots are also available, but white radish is the best!

3, mix 30g baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) with 500ml hot water, wipe with rag or sponge and clean again as above, it is easy to remove oil stains from the stove. If there is too much dirt and it’s hard to clean, don’t worry. Just press 50g baking soda into fine powder and sprinkle it on the stove. Then wipe it with a dry rag and give it to him; Peeling & quot;.

4. Mix two teaspoons of white vinegar with 200 ml of warm water, and then dip in vinegar deficient water with a rag or sponge; Cleaning, so wipe out the stove can also be a new look.

5. Toothpaste, brush and candle are commonly used in daily life to clean oil easily.

6, coarse salt used for pickles can not be let go, it can also easily remove the oil stains on stainless steel stove and glass stove; Rub & quot; Come down, but be sure to clean up after wiping, otherwise the stove will be black.

7. Apply sticky rice soup evenly on the stove, wait for a period of time, air dry, scrape off with a small shovel, and the oil will follow.

8. Put the remaining lemon or orange peel into water and boil it. After cooling, wipe it with a certain amount of cloth. The effect is also good. It can remove the oil accumulated for many years.

9, cloth soaked in beer for a period of time, wipe the stove will be bright to our eyes, oh, tips, repeatedly replace the wipe surface.

10, there is a more simple Oh, with boiled noodles soup, cool with a rag dip and then wipe, oil will float away.

11. Keep the gas stove in normal working efficiency, always observe the flame on the stove, there are many sanitary dead corners on the stove, you can use the waste brush or steel needle to gently wipe the stove burner, which can effectively solve the bad situation on the flame.

12. Keep the stove as dry as possible to prevent rust and blockage, such as wiping the bottom of the pot clean, etc.

13. After the fire rack is contaminated by spilled vegetable soup or grease, even if it is wiped with detergent, it may not be very clean. We can take down the stove holder and use & quot; Boiled & quot; Method of cleaning, fill a pot of water, put the stove head frame to be cleaned into the pot, add a little detergent, after the water is hot, the oil and dirt will peel off automatically.

14. At the same time of wiping the gas stove head, in order to prevent the gas stove head air hole from blocking, insufficient gas supply causes insufficient combustion, it is not allowed to clean and wipe the gas stove head air hole with oil stained cloth.

15, stove cleaning: pay attention to daily cleaning, one is to take advantage of the stove just used up and the state of residual temperature to clean; Second, when using boiling water or boiling water, take the opportunity to pour hot water to wipe. Oil dissolves quickly when heated, so it is convenient to wipe under a certain temperature. Daily washing dishes, by the way wipe the stove will not accumulate a lot of oil.

gas stove maintenance can not wait until it is very dirty to clean, daily also should pay attention to cleaning and maintenance. In particular, check and clean the gas stove hose frequently, and replace it immediately in case of aging, cracking, scorching, rat and insect bite marks.

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