The life tips provided by foreign professional nursing staff to solve small life problems

mastered some of the following skills: mint flavor can deodorize

. If you have to work in an unpleasant working environment, you can have some mint toothpaste or mint ointment under your nose; Or if you have a mask around you, you might as well apply a layer of toothpaste on the mask, so that you can effectively filter the bad smell.

2, super glue emergency treatment of small wounds

accidentally cut his hand in the field, but there is no band aid, how to do? You can use super glue for emergency treatment, because super glue helps to seal and protect your wound. However, this method only applies to & lt; Small wounds;, If the wound is too big, it is most appropriate to go to the doctor for treatment.

3, alcohol finishing messy hair

still worried about fluffy and knotted hair? Try the alcohol. Drop alcohol in the knot, then hold the hair and comb it gently with a comb. You will find that your hair will become more supple.

4 Use a tampon or tampon to stop bleeding

if there is a sudden nosebleed and the blood flow is not enough, you can gently insert the half tampon into the nostril, but pay attention not to plug it too deep. Tampons absorb nosebleed to prevent it from dripping onto clothing. If it is encountered in other open wounds, the general sanitary cotton can also achieve good hemostatic effect.

5, using coffee grounds to deodorize

. There is a strong odor in the air. Can’t you remove the odor even if you spray air freshener? Then you might as well put the coffee residue left by grinding coffee in a bowl, and then put the bowl in the middle of the room. After a while, the smell will disappear.

6, use hydrogen oxide to remove stubborn stains

when your clothes are stained with stubborn stains such as blood stains, red wine or oil stains, you can pour hydrogen oxide on your clothes and remove them immediately.

7 Folding clothes can calm people down

for anxious people, folding clothes can help them calm down. It’s better to do something like & lt; Towel & quot; Or & lt; Bath towel & quot; This simple thing, this movement can distract them and calm them down.

8, use lemon juice instead of salt

if you or your doctor is asking you to eat salt free food, but you want to eat delicious food, you can try squeezing some lemon juice! This is an all natural and heart healthy seasoning.

9, use shaving bubble to clean up sticky stains

. If you accidentally get some disgusting sticky stains on your body, just spray a little shaving bubble and you can easily wipe them off! Shaving bubble can make sticky stains open, and then rags can be easily cleaned up.

10 If you want to remove the stains such as blood stains or paint stains, you can use some lubricants to gently wipe, so that you can easily remove the stains.

11, hair removal cream

accidentally rubbed the foundation on the collar, burning with impatience, worried about how to wash it, how to do it?

don’t panic! Just squeeze a little shaving cream and rub it on the stain. After initial treatment, put it into the washing machine and it will be as white as new immediately.

12, hairstyle spray

sometimes lipstick will inevitably rub on the clothes, spray appropriate hairstyle spray to the lips, print for a few minutes, gently wipe, and then put into the washing machine to clean.

13 , talcum powder

pour the talcum powder on the oil stains and leave it for one night. After the talcum powder sucks out the oil, it can be washed easily.

14, refrigerator

sweater coat or sweater always lose hair? It’s embarrassing to stick it on your pants. Learn this trick quickly. Every time you put it in the refrigerator the night before you wear it, you won’t lose hair.

15, nail file

suede shoes a little bit dirty is very obvious, and difficult to clean, but it has a little-known killer is the nail file, as long as the grinding, the dirt will be removed.

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