The list of seven factors affecting appetite

when subjects were given large portions of the same food, they would eat more. The reason is that small portions of food provide people with a number of discrete stop points, prompting them to think whether they should continue to eat, which is a reminder to the subjects. Psychological factors are far more important than physical factors in affecting people’s appetite. Soft light can increase appetite

wansink found that soft light can affect people’s consumption of food, mainly because soft light can make people more comfortable, thus reducing the control of eating, prolonging people’s eating time and increasing people’s consumption. This may be the reason why many hotels like to design the lighting more gently.

in addition, many studies have shown that dazzling or excessively bright lighting can reduce the time people spend in restaurants, thus affecting the amount of food they eat. Weak or warm lighting (including candlelight) generally makes people more willing to stay and enjoy desserts and extra drinks. Because in low light, people tend to have little inhibition and self-discipline, they are more willing to consume. As we all know, unpleasant smell will affect people’s appetite. Whether it is the smell of the surrounding environment or the smell of food, it will shorten the meal time and inhibit the desire for food consumption. So is pleasant smell sure to increase people’s appetite? Although the study has not found how much influence good smell has on appetite, one thing is certain, that is, the influence of good smell on appetite is far less than that of unpleasant smell on people’s appetite.

light music increases appetite

research found that: light music can generally increase appetite, prolong meal time, thus increasing the consumption of food and drink, especially when people enjoy their favorite music, people tend to feel comfortable, so stay or revel in it. The vast majority of respondents would like to order another dessert or drink. On the contrary, when the music or the surrounding noise is too loud, too fast or uncomfortable, people will not stay in the restaurant for too long, and food consumption will certainly decrease. But in some cases, fast-paced and pleasant music will also increase people’s food and drink intake, because fast-paced music also makes people eat faster.

easy to get food to eat more

this is one of the important factors affecting consumption. Studies in cafeterias show that people who are close to the ice cream machine will eat more ice cream; If the milk dispenser is nearby, they will drink more milk; If they had a water jug on their table, they would drink more water.

it is worth noting that a survey shows that in Chinese restaurants in the United States, obese consumers prefer spoons, knives and forks to those of normal weight, because it is relatively difficult for many people to eat with chopsticks. The same situation occurred in such a study. Two groups of subjects in the same situation placed the same chocolate, one group placed it on their table, the other group placed it two meters away from them. The results showed that the group with chocolate on their table would eat a lot more chocolate than the other group.

in addition, fat people generally like to store their food in the refrigerator or cabinet close to them, while people with normal weight or thin prefer to store their food in the basement and other places far away. So if you are losing weight, it is recommended that you keep all the foods that cause obesity away from yourself.

psychological factors affect appetite

psychological factors play a very important role in the consumption of things. Studies from the laboratory have shown that when subjects are given large portions of the same food, they eat more. The reason is that small portions of food provide people with a number of discrete stop points, prompting them to think whether they should continue to eat, which is a reminder to the subjects. Psychological factors are far more important than physical factors in affecting people’s appetite.

beautiful food will make you eat more.

easy to see or smell food can promote people’s appetite. For example, a comparative study found that people who put candy in transparent bottles spent 46% more than they did in opaque bottles. Similarly, sandwiches wrapped in transparent packaging materials are more expensive than opaque ones.

the reason for the increase in the intake of these visible foods is that they provide a continuous role in triggering consumption. Easy to see foods can increase hunger signals and stimulate salivary secretion. Recent psychological studies have shown that easy to see food can expand hunger, mainly because it stimulates the human body to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter related to happiness and comfort. So packing food in opaque packaging will help us diet better.

increasing the variety of foods will stimulate appetite

the survey found that if people were given three flavors of yogurt, they would eat 23% more than those who only offered one flavor of yogurt. This shows that providing more kinds of food can also increase food consumption, and this situation spans different ages and genders.

recently, some scholars have done similar experiments to prove this point. In one of their studies, they provided two groups with 300 M & amp; One group contains 7 colors, and the other group contains 10 different colors. Although each color of candy tastes the same, people with 10 colors ate 43% more than people with 7 colors.

these studies show that if you increase the variety, you can increase a lot of consumption. One of the reasons for this is that the diversity makes people feel that they may have many kinds of food that they haven’t eaten, or that people want to meet more faces when they eat. Another reason is that despite the diversity of food provided to people, people’s consumption of each kind of food has not changed.

therefore, when we come across a wide range of exquisite food, we must keep a clear mind to avoid eating too much.

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