The little long tail clip has so many magical functions

. The little long tail clip has so many magical functions

. What do you use it for? Is it just for holding files? The following small make up for you to introduce the long tail clip these wonderful use, can no longer be practical Oh!

1, computer next to the various lines, messy can not handle how to do? Just add a few long tail clips on the computer desk, and then fix all kinds of data cables in a Zi. You can take them at any time!

2. It’s hard to squeeze when half of the toothpaste is used? Roll it up, it’s more convenient to squeeze. Just squeeze the one below and clip it with the long tail clip, you can change the toothpaste instantly!

3, fruit in the refrigerator, or beer, etc. are stacked together, but you can’t let it fall. Just take a long tail clip, face up, and let the two clip in the gap!

4. When watching video on a mobile phone, you are often tired with your hands. At present, there is no one to support the mobile phone. You just need to hold two long tail clips and clip them on a book or a piece of hard paper to fix them. Then you can put the mobile phone in the middle of two holes to fix it, and you are not tired.

5. Is the bracket under the keyboard broken? Don’t worry, take some small clips, face up and put them under the keyboard!

6. When working, the sleeve always falls down. Just roll it twice and clamp it with a clip!

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