The magic method of toilet water

in hot summer, our family must have toilet water, if you think it can only dispel itching, prevent mosquitoes, it’s a little underestimated, let’s take a look at other magic methods of toilet water

[1] shampoo and Bath

when we wash our hair and bath, we can add a few drops of toilet water in the water, which can cool and remove heat, refresh the body, remove bacteria, remove heat and stop itching at the same time

[2] hand cleaning and sterilization

when we go out, our hands will inevitably touch the public facilities. We can drop the flower dew water into the palm of our hand, and then rub it to play the role of cleaning

[3] clean the phone, mobile phone

the phone and mobile phone are easy to spread bacteria, so we can often use a clean paper towel dipped in a little toilet water to clean the body, receiver and key parts of the phone or mobile phone

[4] clean underwear

for intimate underwear that needs to be washed separately, before washing, add a few drops of floral water into the clean water, then put the underwear in, soak it for about 15 minutes, then scrub it with laundry soap, rinse it with clean water and dry it in the sun, so that the inner garment after washing is fresh, comfortable and odorless

[5] clean towels and masks

frequently used towels and masks can also be soaked and washed with water containing toilet water to achieve the purpose of sterilization

[6] wipe the mat

in summer, we often lie on the mat to rest, and the mat covered with sweat feels very uncomfortable. We can wipe the mat with water dripping with toilet water every day to keep the mat fresh and clean

note: when wiping, it is best to wipe along the lines of the mat, so that the dew can penetrate into the cracks of the lines of the mat

[7] cleaning bed products

it is easy to attach dust mites on the bed products, so after washing, immerse the bed products in water containing floral water for a few minutes and then dry them, which can effectively eliminate the dust mites on the bed products and maintain the health of the room

[8] spray room disinfection

mix water and toilet water in the ratio of 40:1 (approximately), put it into a watering can, evenly spray the floor of the room (especially the dead corner of the room), and then close the doors and windows for 10 minutes before opening the window for ventilation

once in the morning and once in the evening. If possible, spray more times to make the room air clean and fresh

[9] the sterilization of

we can drop a few drops of toilet water in the waste perfume bottles, spray on the clothes and bags and other personal things, so that bacteria can be brought to the home, leaving a faint scent. Br / >

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