The magic of apple: the magic of apple and apple peel in daily life

& lt; An apple a day keeps the doctor away; People are familiar with the proverbs of the Song Dynasty. Everyone knows that apple is a nutritious fruit. In addition to its rich nutritional value, apple can also be used in daily life. Here are many other wonderful uses of apple in daily life.

1, store potatoes : store potatoes with apples. Put the potatoes that need to be stored in the carton, put several green apples in it at the same time, then cover them and put them in the shade. Because the apple itself can emit ethylene gas, so put it together with potatoes, potatoes can keep fresh.

2, remove persimmon astringency : Persimmon and apple mixed in a closed container, 5-7 days, can remove persimmon astringency.

3, ripening banana : put half the unripe banana and half the apple (not too ripe) into the plastic bag, tie the mouth tightly and seal it. After a few hours, the green banana will turn yellow and ripen.

4, treatment of geriatric diseases : eating an apple with skin every day has certain curative effect on arteriosclerosis, arthritis and other geriatric diseases.

5, polish the aluminum pot : if the aluminum pot is used for a long time, the inside of the pot will turn black. You can put the fresh apple peel into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, boil for 15 minutes, and then rinse with water, the aluminum pot will become as bright as new.

6, treatment of constipation : eating an apple on an empty stomach in the morning and evening is conducive to the treatment of constipation in the elderly.

7, apple skin applied to lips to prevent cracking : peel off the apple skin with small pieces of flesh, drop a little honey and apply it on the lips. Apple contains acid ingredients on the lips have a mild moisturizing effect, can prevent dry lips cracking, make the lips luster moist, at the same time, honey also has a good moisturizing effect. With the combination of the two, the lip protection effect is doubled, especially suitable for the application in dry autumn and winter.

8, Apple Peel wipe body to eliminate fatigue : when taking a bath in the evening, you can wrap the apple peel with gauze or put it into a net bag, take a bath in the bathtub, or directly wipe the skin with apple peel. Apple peel is rich in polyphenols, which can achieve skin beauty effect. In addition, apple belongs to the Rosaceae plant, and its fragrance can relax the body and mind, eliminate fatigue and physical and mental pressure.

9, Apple Peel boiling water to remove boiler scale : after a long time of use, there are often black boiler scale and other adhesion at the bottom of the pot and basin, which is quite difficult to remove. In fact, you can pour in fresh water first, then put in the apple peel, boil it, and use the chemical action of organic acid contained in the apple peel and boiler scale to easily remove it.

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