The magic of milk: what’s the magic of milk in life

milk is an indispensable food in people’s life. It’s not only good and cheap, but also easy to eat. And milk has many other uses in life.

1. Remove fishy smell: soak fish in milk for a moment before frying, which can remove fishy smell and enhance delicious taste.

2. Making frozen fish: when making frozen fish, add some milk to the soup to make the fish taste fresher.

3, in addition to garlic flavor: drink a cup of milk, can eliminate the garlic flavor left in the mouth.

4, to wine stains, remove clothing stains: white shirt left wine stains, can be boiled milk wipe, you can remove stains.

5, to the fruit trace: change the flavor of the milk can remove the fruit trace on the flower clothes, in the traces of coated milk, after a few hours and then wash with water, you can wash clean.

6. Antidote: drunk people drink some milk, which can alleviate the absorption of alcohol.

7. Label: to make the label on the glass stick firmly, put the label in the milk for a bubble.

8, eliminate eye swelling: get up in the morning eyelid swelling, with milk and a little vinegar and boiling water mixture, and then dip in the cotton ball on the eyelid repeatedly rub 5 minutes, and then hot towel cover, will soon detumescence.

9. Soften hard shoe polish: milk will deteriorate and cannot be eaten after being stored for a long time after opening the package. However, the water and bio organic matter contained in milk have strong ability to dissolve substances, and even if it deteriorates, it is still valuable. From the experience of life, do not pour a little sour milk. It can be used for decontamination and polishing. In this regard, the sour milk used in shoeshine, the effect is good. In addition, the shoe polish that has been opened for a long time will become hard and hard to use. If you add a few drops of fresh milk to it, the shoe polish will become soft and still use the same as the new one.

10. Treatment of slight burns: apply some boiled milk on the affected area, which can quickly eliminate the burning pain caused by burns.

11. Boiled cauliflower with milk can make cauliflower white and delicious.

12. When frying the skin of an omelet, mix the eggs with milk. It is not only delicious, but also soft.

13, stir fry add sauce, add milk, can neutralize the taste.

14, white water boiled potatoes, water with some milk, not only make potatoes taste good, but also variable white.

15. Dip the fish fillets in the milk, take them out and dip them with flour. After frying, they are very fragrant. It is a good fertilizer to water flowers with milk in summer.

17. There are small cracks on the porcelain. If you put it into milk and boil it for half an hour, it can stick the cracks, firm and beautiful.

18. When washing the curtain, add some milk left in the washing powder to make the curtain look brand new.

19. Soak the fish in milk for a while before frying, which can remove the fishy smell and increase the flavor. Stewed fish with milk can make the fish soft.

20. In addition, expired milk can wipe leather furniture, and milk can remove ink and rust.

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