The magic of Pomelo Peel – the efficacy of pomelo peel

fresh pomelo peel, like other pomelo, can effectively remove the odor. Can put some fresh pomelo peel in the refrigerator, or in the newly decorated room, to help clean the air.

the magic effect of Pomelo Peel – the magic effect of pomelo peel:

to remove peculiar smell:

fresh pomelo peel, like other pomelo, can effectively remove peculiar smell. Can put some fresh pomelo peel in the refrigerator, or in the newly decorated room, to help clean the air. If there is a peculiar smell in the shoes, you can put the thick leather into the shoes after eating the grapefruit. It’s better to fill the whole shoe compartment. After 3 days, the bad smell in the shoes will disappear.


put grapefruit peel into water and boil it for about 30 minutes. Pour the boiled grapefruit peel water into the drain hole at home and brush it with a brush. It can not only remove the dirt around the drain hole, but also eliminate the bad smell. You can also boil half a grapefruit peel with 5 bowls of water for about 30 minutes and let it cool. Pour the grapefruit peel water on a clean rag and screw it dry. It can be used to wipe wood furniture. It can make the furniture bright and leave fragrance. It is especially suitable for teak furniture. In addition, use the green part of the pomelo peel dipped in a small amount of salt to wipe the piano keys, you can let the yellowing surface of the piano keys restore brightness. It is worth recommending that the peeled pomelo white gluten has strong adsorption capacity and oil removal capacity, which can be used to wash dishes without detergent.

insect repellent:

put the pomelo peel in the corner of the cabinet to prevent insects and ants, or put it in the rice bowl to prevent insects. In addition, although putting pomelo peel in the wardrobe can repel insects, there is no way to use it like camphor pills. It takes one or two months to replace it in about two to three days. It’s not very convenient.


grapefruit peel can effectively remove the cutin of hands. You just rub your hands with grapefruit peel to exfoliate them, and then moisten them with hand cream.

to greasy:

pomelo peel can accelerate the decomposition of animal fat and remove greasy. Grapefruit peel has a protective effect on cardiovascular system. After eating the pomelo, tear off the white tendons in the skin, put them in a ventilated place to dry, and then dry them in the sun. When they are hard, they can be stored in plastic bags with small holes, which can be used as spices to remove the smell of meat.

treatment of chilblain:

use sun dried pomelo peel to boil water, when it is very thick, take this water to apply hot compress to the frozen wound, but avoid skin breaking. Pay attention to the temperature of the hot compress. At the beginning, the temperature of the towel should not be too hot. You can apply it again by shaking the hot air. Gradually increase the temperature after the cold injury adapts.

flavoring vinegar:

fresh grapefruit peel is washed, cut into shreds and put into white vinegar. The fragrance of grapefruit will penetrate into the vinegar and become a delicious and beautiful grapefruit flavoring vinegar, which is used to cook Chinese and Western dishes.

grapefruit peel method

spicy grapefruit peel

the characteristic of this dish is to be spicy, if not spicy, it does not match the characteristics of the strong flavor of the grapefruit peel. Pay attention, be sure to put hot pepper.

main ingredients: Pomelo Peel

accessories: hot pepper Douchi (or Douchi and chili), green garlic, celery, ginger, duck juice


1, remove the outer green peel of pomelo peel, then slice it with a knife, immerse it in water for three or four days, change the clear water once a day. This soaking is to remove the bitter taste of pomelo peel

2. Take out the soaked pomelo peel, squeeze out the water and put it into the pot for dry frying. This can remove the moisture and remove the green and astringent in the skin again.

3. Put the dried pomelo peel into the pot.

4, put more oil in the pot, grapefruit peel is very oil-absorbing. Heat the oil, add in ginger, hot pepper and Douchi (or Douchi and hot pepper), stir fry.

5. Put the pomelo peel into the pot and stir fry for a while.

6. Pour in two spoonfuls of duck juice and stir fry´╝ł Pomelo peel has its own unique flavor, which can be mixed with the turbid taste of duck meat, and the taste is particularly good. If you don’t have duck juice, you can use chicken juice to make the grapefruit peel delicious)

7, add garlic and celery, add chicken essence, white salt and soy sauce, stir fry

8, start the pot!

braised yellow jeans with pomelo peel

ingredients: 400g niuhuangzi, 100g pomelo peel, green and red pepper, garlic sprout, mushroom, Zhuhou sauce, etc.


1, wash the yellow jeans, cut into pieces of flying water, put in the wok and stir fry;

2, add mushrooms and grapefruit peel into sand casserole and cook until 10 minutes;

3, green red pepper, garlic sprouts, Zhuhou sauce and simmer for 6 minutes to make the yellow jeans fully absorb the aroma of mushroom and pomelo peel. Features: fully set off the sweet aroma of grapefruit, the sticky and fresh aroma of yellow jeans and the delicate aroma of mushroom, with clear and harmonious taste.

meat sauce buckle pomelo peel

materials: 150 grams of pork, 200 grams of pomelo peel, ginger, Zhu Hou sauce, Dongguan sweet flour sauce.


1, cut pork into small pieces, add ginger slices, Zhu Hou sauce, stir fry in wok, half cooked;

2. Put in the processed pomelo peel; Put proper amount of Zhuhou sauce and Dongguan sweet flour sauce on the plate. Features: the pork is mixed with the fragrance of pomelo peel, which can enhance the meat flavor and give off a strong local flavor.

grapefruit peel’s efficacy

grapefruit peel contains special substances with antioxidant activity, which can reduce blood viscosity, reduce the formation of thrombosis, and has good preventive effect on cerebral thrombosis, stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases. It is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. Grapefruit contains a lot of vitamin C and calcium, which helps to prevent the occurrence of cancer and stomach cancer. In addition, pomelo peel is rich in pectin, and has the effect of beauty. How to eat pomelo peel: there are many ways to eat pomelo peel. In order to avoid its bitter taste, you need to cut off the yellow skin and leave the soft white sponge in the middle.

can be cut into thin slices, boiled in boiling water for 10 minutes, and then boiled with honey into tea to drink.

can also be fried as a dish, such as adding onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, soy sauce and other seasonings, adding a little oil to the pot, then you can eat.

in addition, blanch the peel in boiling water for 3 minutes, drain the water, and then dry completely. It’s very good for stewing meat.

grapefruit peel boiling water for treatment of infantile pneumonia

after eating grapefruit, leave the skin to dry, put it into the pot and add water to boil together (the pieces should not be too small, otherwise the efficacy will be reduced, but it should not be too large). Don’t drink too much water (just like decocting traditional Chinese Medicine). After boiling for several times, pour the boiled soup into a bowl and give it to the child to drink. It will be good after drinking for several times.

grapefruit peel boiling water for the treatment of frostbite. Pay attention to the temperature of the hot compress. At the beginning, the temperature of the towel should not be too hot. You can apply it again by shaking the hot air. Gradually increase the temperature after the cold injury is adapted, and take out the towel from the pot for direct hot compress at the highest temperature. This method needs patience and long-term persistence (even if it’s good, it’s better to persist until the end of this winter). It can promote the recovery of frostbite and effectively prevent the recurrence or mitigation of next year. If there is no skin on the frostbite, add a few dried peppers. The pot and towel should be used separately. The boiled water does not need to be changed, but it must be boiled every time. The boiling time must be prolonged when adding new water.

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