The magic of soybean dregs after beating soybean milk changed to

. With the magic of soybean dregs after beating soybean milk changed to

, soybean dregs high dietary fiber! The more you eat, the thinner you are! According to the book the magic of soybean dregs, integrating soybean dregs into dishes can not only help reduce waste, but also have many unknown health effects. In particular, the dietary fiber content of soybean dregs is even more surprising!

in terms of 100 grams of soybean dregs, the heat is about 111 calories. Although it is higher than tofu and soybean milk, it is rich in 11.5 grams of food fiber, which is 10 times that of lettuce, 5 times that of sweet potato and 2 times that of burdock. The target dietary fiber intake of one day can be achieved by eating about 200 g of raw soybean dregs.

in a large amount of food fiber, “insoluble food fiber” accounted for the vast majority. Insoluble food fiber will expand when it meets with water, which not only helps to increase the sense of satiety; It can also increase the volume of feces, promote intestinal peristalsis, accelerate defecation, or excrete the old wastes accumulated in the intestine. Therefore, it is very suitable to be used as one of the protein sources in weight loss.

soy protein benefits! In addition, Japanese gynecologist and cosmetic dermatologist Keiko Matsumura also said that soybean dregs contain a lot of “soy protein”, which can reduce excess neutral fat and cholesterol; It also inhibits the sudden rise of blood glucose and the production of hormonal insulin, which can reduce blood glucose; It also prevents the body from accumulating fat. However, soybean protein contains “& beta- “Conglycinin” is more helpful to reduce neutral fat and make visceral fat not easy to hoard. Moderate consumption has many benefits for slimming friends.

, soybean dregs into vegetables! Dr. Matsumura also added soybean dregs into his daily diet, adding sailfish, kelp, tomato and other food materials with diuretic and drainage effects and rich potassium ions to make three kinds of “soybean dregs slimming cuisine” with simple, delicious and nutritious cooking methods, which can increase the sense of satiety and help the body to easily excrete excess water and sodium, To improve the effect of lower body obesity.

baked swordfish with soy sauce and miso!

portion: 1 person.

heat: 191 kcal.

ingredients: 1 piece of swordfish, 2 tsp miso, 10g raw soybean dregs, 2 tsp water, 1 / 4 tsp sesame oil, 10g lettuce, a little white sesame.

1. Mix a and apply to the surface of swordfish.

2. Lay the baking paper on the baking tray of the oven and put 1. Bake in oven for 7-10 minutes.

3. Put it in a container, sprinkle with white sesame, and lay lettuce on the side.

the instant soup of silk cambric and tofu

the double rich of silk cambric and soybean dregs greatly enhance the sense of satiety!

heat: 55 kcal.

: Duck celery 5g, tender tofu 1 / 8, raw soybean dregs 20g, thin soy sauce 1 tsp, Hefeng soup granules 1 / 3 tsp, hot water 1 cup, shredded kunbu 5g.

1. Cut the duck celery into 3cm long pieces. Diced tofu.

2. Put a and tofu in a bowl, spread plastic wrap, and heat in microwave oven (600W) for about 40 seconds.

3. Put the shredded kunbu into the container, put in 2, sprinkle with duck celery.

avocado tomato salad

combination of beauty ingredients, with the power of soybean dregs, let the power double!

heat: 99 kcal.

1 / 4 tomato, 1 / 4 avocado, 1 / 2 tbsp thin soy sauce, 1 / 2 tbsp lemon juice, 1 / 4 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp soybean residue powder, a little rough ground black pepper.

1. Cut the tomato into one bite. Peel and seed avocado, cut into a bite size.

2. Put a into the basin and mix, then add 1. Mix well. Place in utensils, sprinkle with soybean dregs and ground black pepper.

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