The magical functions of red wine: what are the magical functions of red wine in daily life

the composition of red wine is quite complex. It is the fruit wine brewed by natural fermentation. The most important one is grape juice, accounting for more than 80%, followed by the alcohol naturally fermented by the sugar in grapes, which is generally 10% to 30%. The remaining substances are more than 1000, and the more important one is more than 300, Other important components of red wine are tartaric acid, pectin, minerals and tannic acid. Although the proportion of these substances is not high, it is the decisive factor of liquor quality. Good quality and delicious red wine, because they can present a balance of organizational structure, so that people have endless enjoyment in taste.

the magical effects of red wine: what are the magical effects of red wine in daily life

for people who often drink wine, never forget to drink water. The daily water consumption is about 1 to 1.5 liters, .

1. If you cook half a glass of red wine in the pot when making fish, you can prevent the fish skin from sticking to the pot.

2. When traveling, the unpleasant smell of water is often produced in the pot. If you add a spoonful of red wine to the kettle in advance, you can avoid the deterioration of the water taste.

3. Heat a small glass of red wine in the fire, beat in an egg, stir with chopsticks to stop heating, and use it after cooling to prevent and cure cold.

4. Cut a piece of ham from the whole ham for eating. Apply some wine on the cut of the ham that is not used for the time being, so as to keep the remaining ham fresh. If you add a little white wine to the onion, it won’t scorch.

6, persimmon has astringency, but as long as you add a small amount of wine from the bite, astringency will disappear.

7, wine helps reduce cholesterol and prevent breast cancer (although the proanthocyanidin B two polymer extracted from red wine is not as effective as synthetic drugs for breast cancer, proper red wine consumption is a good way to prevent breast cancer. Drinking a glass of red wine a day may prevent them from being threatened by breast cancer. However, scientists stressed that drinking white wine is not helpful to prevent breast cancer, because the anticancer chemical extracted from red wine originally came from grape skin, and is beneficial to heart and lungs. Drinking one or two small glasses of red wine every day can protect the heart and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. And it has anticoagulant effect, can inhibit thrombosis, so as to prevent the formation of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular embolism. And new research shows that drinking red wine can also protect the brain from Alzheimer’s disease.

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