The maintenance method of brand name bags to prolong service life keeps your bags as new as ever

brand name bags are expensive, but maintenance is not easy. If they are dirty or wet, they will be damaged; Disfigurement;, It’s heartbreaking. Today, invite experts in the industry to teach you how to maintain your bag!

6 Anti care bag

1. Moisture:

bag is a personal accessory, which will inevitably be contaminated with a lot of dust and dead cells falling from our bodies. High density of moisture can cause bacteria and fungi on the dead skin to breed, causing odor.

experts suggest that when not in use, the newspaper can be wrapped with clean tracing paper to plug the bag, which helps to absorb moisture, eliminate peculiar smell and maintain the original shape of the bag.

can also be used to eliminate peculiar smell and moisture; Carbon package & quot; To deodorize and dehumidify. This kind of bag full of charcoal or bamboo charcoal is cheap, and it can be reused after being used for a while in the sun.

silica gel can also absorb moisture, and every two weeks, remove the bags and let them &ldquo. Breathe & quot;.

2. Sunlight / light:

any light, including ultraviolet and led, will cause the oxidation and desalination of natural pigments in leather, leading to the fading of bags.

the best way is to avoid exposing leather bags to light and sunlight for a long time. Experts suggest that when not in use, the bag should be stored in a cool and breathable place, and when going out, the bag should not be exposed to the sun for a long time.

3、 Moisture:

rain will cause the loss of natural oil on leather, resulting in leather hardening and fragile. In addition, the water will also form an eye blocking watermark which is difficult to remove.

in addition to leather, fabrics such as silk and satin will also have permanent watermarks after being stained with water.

experts said that if the bag is wet, it must wait until the bag is dry before it can be put away.

if you only get a little bit of water, you can use a blower to dry with cold air (not hot air). If the bag appears watermark, it’s best to ask someone to take care of it.

4. Ink / oil stains:

the inside and outside of the bag are accidentally painted by a ballpoint pen, or the food is stained with oil stains during the meal. Gemma pointed out that general ink is oily, and oil stains, not easy to remove.

it is difficult to remove oily stains by oneself, so special person is needed. Someone will melt the oil to remove the stains. It’s better to take it to the store to clean up within 4 hours after getting ink. If the ink remains on the bag for more than 4 hours, it may have penetrated into the fabric and is difficult to completely remove, so it needs to be covered up by local dyeing.

5、 Food stains:

food, such as ketchup, also contains pigment, which can leave stains on bags.

in addition to deoiling care, if you can’t remove the pigment, you have to add color locally, or even re dye it; Cover up & quot;.

VI. color pollution: some fabrics, such as patent leather, are particularly easy to be contaminated with the pigment of clothing, furniture, etc.

adds a protective layer to the bag.

the bag is dirty. If the situation permits, it’s better to take the bag to a special person for nursing within 4 hours. Because if a long time, stains have penetrated the fabric, it is more difficult to remove.

it is said that prevention is better than treatment. Experts say that the best preventive measure is to add a protective layer immediately after buying a famous brand bag.

although there are special protective coating sprays on the market, they can buy home and spray them on their own, but the quality is uneven in quality. So they suggest that it’s better to let the experts who are specially responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of bags and shoes.

experts pointed out that the high-quality and high-density silicone protective layer used in special stores is waterproof, which can effectively isolate leather from air, moisture and other pollutants. Even if it is stained with stains or even colors, it is easier to remove them. However, it should be noted that this protective layer is not permanent and should be supplemented timely according to the instructions of a special person.

be careful of leather cracking

leather bags must be used frequently, so that the leather is not easy to deteriorate or even crack. If there are too many bags, change them frequently so that each bag can be timed; Exposure & quot; best.

leather cracking is mainly due to lack of moisture, moisture, body fat and dirt.

experts explained that leather is a natural fabric, containing natural oil. The hot and dry climate will lead to the loss of moisture and oil in leather, which will eventually lead to the loss of flexibility and fragility. It needs to be supplemented in time.

therefore, use leather care solution regularly to care for bags.

some special wet paper towels for leather care on the market can also be used to supplement leather grease, prevent leather cracking, and help prevent bags from being damaged by water, oil, alcohol, daily use, grease and sweat.

. However, it should be reminded that general wet tissue should not be used. This is because most of the bacteria free wet tissue contains alcohol, and those with skin care effect may contain oil, which will further damage the leather. Therefore, it’s better to collect a special tissue for cleaning prepuced leather bags in the bag! This kind of special wet paper towel is mild and water-based, and will not harm the leather, its oil and pigment.

can leather crack be remedied? It depends on the seriousness of the situation. Leather care solution may & lt; Rescue & quot; A small part of the leather fiber, but in the end it is likely to have to ask for help.

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