The memory is getting worse and worse. Take food therapy to improve the memory

. In the public’s impression, the elderly usually have poor memory. If the memory declines seriously, what can the elderly eat to improve the memory

1 What can the elderly eat to improve their memory?

fish is one of the first choices to promote intellectual development. Fish head is rich in lecithin, which is an important source of neurotransmitter in human brain. It can enhance the ability of memory, thinking and analysis, control the degeneration of brain cells and delay aging. Fish is also an excellent source of high-quality protein and calcium, especially containing a lot of unsaturated fatty acids& mdash;- Fatty acids are particularly important for the normal development of the brain and eyes.

2. What can old people eat to improve their memory? Banana

is rich in nutrition and low in calories. Banana unique tryptophan and vitamin B6 and other nutrients are also very rich. Tryptophan and vitamin B6 are essential nutrients for the growth and reproduction of brain cells. The human body can not produce them, and can only rely on the synthesis of other nutrients. Banana can directly supplement these two nutrients, which is more conducive to the absorption and utilization of the human body. Secondly, bananas also contain many minerals such as potassium and phosphorus, which can help maintain the health of the brain. Therefore, regular consumption of some bananas can play a very good role in replenishing intelligence and brain.

3, what can the elderly eat to improve memory of walnut

walnut is recognized as a very good food for the human brain, often eat can improve memory. As the saying goes, the shape of walnut’s nucleolus is not only like the shape of human brain, but also rich in unsaturated fatty acids. It is suitable for the elderly to eat 2-3 walnuts a day. If they insist on it for a long time, it can supplement brain nutrition, improve memory and eliminate brain fatigue. But the old man’s digestive system function degradation, can’t overeat walnut, appear dry stool, epistaxis and other situations will stop taking.

4. What can old people eat to improve their memory?

pumpkin is rich in beta- Carotene, and vitamin C, zinc, potassium and other nutrients are also very much, are very good for the brain, very suitable for the elderly to eat. Moreover, pumpkin is sweet and smooth in nature, sweet and soft in taste, easy to digest and absorb, and has the function of clearing the heart and refreshing the brain. It also has a certain therapeutic effect on the old people’s upset, thirst and other diseases. Therefore, the old man will eat pumpkin as a dish, which is also good for improving memory.

How to improve the memory of the elderly

1, walking

, walking 30 minutes a day is very good for the brain. Experts say: & lt; Exercise helps to protect the memory and mental function of the elderly& rdquo; Besides, exercise can prevent diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and stroke. Studies have shown that physical activity can also trigger the release of a protein. This protein promotes the health of brain cells and enhances memory.

2, sleep enough

poor sleep can lead to decreased attention, and memory will also be affected. Using the following methods can help you improve your sleep quality: don’t eat big meals before going to bed; Go to bed and get up on time; Don’t drink caffeine or alcohol before going to bed; No smoking.

3, avoid stress

experts said: & lt; High levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, have been shown to cause memory loss& rdquo; It is recommended to relieve stress through meditation, yoga or massage.

4, master memory skills

when memory is difficult, master some skills will be very helpful. For example, every time you learn a new name, say it out loud and print it in your mind. Mentally associate each new name with an image. You can also post some post it notes at home to record important things.

The reasons for the decline of memory in the elderly are

1 and long-term satiety

. Long term satiety will lead to excessive calorie intake, excess fat and increased blood lipid in the human body, which causes a kind of disease called & lt; Fibroblast growth factor; The increase of substance in the brain leads to cerebral atherosclerosis, decreases the oxygen and nutrients supplied to the brain, and causes the decline of memory, premature brain failure and mental retardation.

2, cerebral arteriosclerosis

can lead to chronic cerebral blood supply insufficiency, dizziness and headache, memory loss, inattention, decreased mental work ability, sleep disorders, emotional and behavioral changes.

3, edentulous

the long-term tooth defect of the elderly is closely related to memory loss. Hippocampal gyrus (a gyrus in the brain) is involved in memory and emotional response, where people’s short-term memory is stored. After aging, hippocampal gyrus cells will age, and people’s short-term memory will go from bad to worse. Lack of teeth makes people’s chewing strength and frequency decrease. In the long run, it will accelerate the degeneration of hippocampal gyrus cells and affect people’s memory.

4, eating too much aluminum containing food

the World Health Organization has proposed that the daily intake of aluminum should not exceed 1 mg / kg body weight. If you eat fried dough sticks, vermicelli, cold powder, oil cake and so on every day, it will cause excessive intake of aluminum, affect the function of brain cells, lead to the decline of memory and mental retardation.

There are many ways to improve your memory in daily life. The important thing is that you should be a conscientious person to improve your memory ability and form habit memory in any situation. For example, we can start from the following 15 points, combined with their own actual situation to improve and perfect.

1, calm down. In daily life and study to maintain a calm mind. It’s more about keeping your brain quiet.

2. Adjust the working and rest time of your brain, so that your brain can get enough rest. Fatigue will reduce the working efficiency of your brain.

3. Build up your confidence in good memory, and remind yourself to remember what you have to remember and believe in yourself; Sure to remember & quot;!

4, to learn and find a suitable way to improve their memory, coupled with the necessary and frequent training and retraining, improve and improve.

5. To maintain a strong interest in the world, interest is the first driving force of memory. Treat the memorized object as your own; Lovers & quot; I have enough interest.

6. Strong desire and stimulation can promote one’s memory.

7. We should establish the memory associated with pleasant things in our work and life.

8. Keep your mind young forever. The stimulation of young people can make your brain cells become sharp and young.

9, learn one or more observation ability, keen observation can help us remember.

10. Think about the other side’s position, especially in memory. To fully understand the basis of memory objects.

11. Developing your own right brain and visualizing memory objects are helpful to memory.

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