The mercury of thermometer is poisonous liquid metal. What if mercury thermometer is broken?

when some people use mercury thermometer to measure body temperature, they accidentally break the thermometer and the mercury flows out. Mercury in thermometer is a kind of poisonous liquid metal. If the thermometer is broken by us, will it be poisoned? So many people are panicked. Don’t panic, don’t worry, these processing methods to solve your doubts and answer questions, next, let’s have a look together.

Is mercury thermometer poisonous?

mercury is commonly known as mercury, silver white liquid metal, corrosive and health hazard. If the thermometer is broken, the mercury concentration in the room can exceed several times, and even lead to mercury poisoning.

at room temperature, Mercury will evaporate, short-term inhalation of a large number of mercury vapor, mercury poisoning is possible, generally manifested as fever, dizziness, headache and other symptoms, accompanied by oral inflammation, gastroenteritis, serious damage to the lungs, kidneys, central nervous system. Mercury is indeed a potentially harmful heavy metal. The main harm is the volatilized mercury vapor, but as long as it is handled properly in time, it will not have a significant impact. So there is no need to panic too much.

What if the mercury thermometer is broken?

1. If the water thermometer is broken, you can’t simply wipe it with napkin. Instead, open the window immediately for ventilation and clean it in time to speed up the diffusion of mercury vapor. Generally speaking, as long as it is not in direct contact, a mercury thermometer will not cause too much damage.

2. In case of breaking the mercury thermometer by accident, small mercury beads on the ground can be collected with small shovels, syringes, wet cotton sticks, etc. do not discard them at will. If Mercury enters the body or has symptoms of mercury poisoning, it must be sent to the hospital for treatment immediately.

3. The best way to break the thermometer is to sprinkle some sulfur powder on the mercury, so that the Mercury will have a chemical reaction and combine with the sulfur in the sulfur powder to form black agglomerated mercury sulfide.

4. If there is no sulfur powder, the mercury can also be sucked into the pipe with a rubber tipped dropper and buried in the soil together with the dropper, so that the Mercury will not volatilize. It can not be directly poured into the sewer or into the garbage can together with other garbage.

When the thermometer is broken and the mercury can’t be found, what should we do? 6667

open the door and window and let the mercury volatilize with the wind. At the same time, clean and sweep the ground as much as possible. Don’t touch it with your hands, because Mercury is highly toxic. After cleaning, don’t worry about the mercury that can’t be found, because the Mercury will evaporate, so he will evaporate after a period of time. However, to ensure that the room is moderately ventilated, because volatile mercury is also toxic oh. The room with mercury leakage should be isolated from other rooms to maintain the best ventilation conditions in the room with mercury leakage. If possible, the room temperature should be increased. If other rooms are occupied, it is better to keep good ventilation.

thermometer broken hands touch the mercury how to do

liquid mercury basic non-toxic, careless skin contact will not cause any special damage. The liquid mercury will turn into highly toxic mercury vapor only under the direct ultraviolet radiation, so as long as you don’t play with mercury in the outdoor sun for a long time, there is basically no risk of mercury poisoning.

if it is just a little contact, it is generally OK. It is suggested to apply some milk on the skin, wash off the local area with clean water, and observe for a few days without anything. Then, in the past two days, closely observe the changes of the body, and contact the doctor if you have any problems.

If you swallow mercury by mistake, you can drink milk

. Generally speaking,

1, armpit measurement method. we first set the degree of the mercury thermometer below 35 ℃, then put the mercury end of the thermometer on the top of the armpit and clamp it. Make sure the thermometer is in close contact with the skin. Remove the thermometer after about 5 minutes. After reading the degree, wipe it with paper so that it can be used next time. Armpit is easy to sweat, when measuring, you must wipe the sweat under armpit first. Axillary temperature measurement should pay attention to the time to control between 5-6 minutes.

2, oral measurement method. first throw the degree of the mercury thermometer below 35 ℃, put the thermometer under the tongue and press it with a little force. Before that, you must remember to disinfect and wipe the surface of the thermometer before putting it into your mouth. The time is three minutes. Remember not to talk in the middle. When measuring the oral cavity, pay attention not to bite the thermometer too hard. If it is broken, there is a risk of poisoning. It is better not to use this measurement method for unconscious patients and children. After oral temperature measurement, wipe it with paper, then wipe the whole mercury thermometer with alcohol cotton ball, and then put it back to its original position for the next time.

3. Anal measurement method. is usually used for comatose patients or children. When the patient is in supine position, the head of anal surface is lubricated with oil, and then slowly inserted into the anus until it reaches 1 / 2 of the anal surface. The reading is made after 3 minutes.

human body temperature is generally relatively constant in a healthy state, that is, it is maintained at about 37 ℃ (about 36.2 ℃ ~ 37.3 ℃), and it will not change due to the change of external environment temperature. For most normal people, the oral temperature range is 36.7 ℃ – 37.7 ℃, the axillary temperature range is 36.0 ℃ – 37.4 ℃, and the rectal temperature range is 36.9 ℃ – 37.9 ℃.

the body temperature of normal people fluctuates slightly within 24 hours, generally no more than 1 ℃. Under physiological conditions, it is slightly lower in the morning, and slightly higher in the afternoon or after exercise and eating. The body temperature of the elderly is slightly lower than that of the women before menstruation or during pregnancy. Generally, women during pregnancy will take daily temperature measurement to observe their basal body temperature.

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