The most nutritious and cheap tonics in winter are

2 and Auricularia auricula

. Auricularia auricula is the most common food. A small handful can make a big bowl, but this kind of food also has outstanding health preserving effect. First of all, it contains an amazing amount of trace element iron, which is higher than most meat foods, so it is known as & lt; Meat in meat;, It has outstanding blood tonifying effect; In addition, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium and other nutrients in Auricularia auricula have the effect of promoting blood circulation, anticoagulation and softening blood vessels, and also have a good effect on reducing blood pressure and blood lipid; In addition, the rich dietary fiber and plant collagen in Auricularia auricula can effectively promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and help intestinal digestion and absorption of food.

3, sweet potato

for a long time, Chinese people used sweet potato as their staple food. This kind of very common food material can’t neglect its health preserving effect because of its commonness. Sweet potato is rich in mucus protein and trace element potassium, which can clear the cholesterol deposition on the wall of blood vessels, play a role in maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels, and have outstanding effects on maintaining the health of blood vessels and preventing the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; In addition, it contains dietary fiber and fructose, can help intestinal peristalsis, promote digestion and absorption of food, but also help excreta timely discharge, prevent constipation; What’s more, sweet potato is an anti-cancer food, which contains vitamin C and beta; Carotene, potassium, deoxyisoandrosterol and other nutrients can inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

how to keep in good health in winter

1, do waist exercises in the evening

Japanese experts have proved that doing waist exercises with both hands can stimulate the waist acupoints, help to strengthen the function of internal organs, maintain normal metabolism, fat people do waist exercises can also lose weight.

2, afternoon tea

tea is one of the best drinks, can prevent cancer and cancer, tea contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements needed by the human body, can play a health role on the human body. However, people with stomach disease or anemia should not drink tea, especially strong tea. Mineral water or boiled water can be used instead. It’s important to replenish water in the afternoon.

3, bath rub chest wipe back

medical research rub chest wipe back can improve the body’s immune function, conducive to physical fitness, prevention of disease.

4, appropriate outdoor activities

, outdoor activities in winter is very important, can prevent frostbite, exercise or breathing in the outdoor 15 & mdash; 20 times is beneficial to the enhancement of lung function, plays a role in the prevention and treatment of bronchitis and asthma, the lung resuscitation in the skin, through outdoor activities, can increase the body’s oxygen supply, improve disease resistance.

5, medicated diet supplement

winter is the season to nourish the body. It is very beneficial to choose medicated diet supplement according to their own conditions, which can increase heat and cold resistance, strengthen nutrition absorption and promote health.

6, hot water foot bath

there are many acupoints in the soles of the feet, such as Yongquan acupoint. Through hot water through the acupoint, the body temperature can be increased by 0.2 ℃, the function of capillaries can be improved, and it has the effect of heat preservation and sleep aid; Foot is known as the second heart, foot care can strengthen the heart, capillary dilation and congestion, promote heart activity, and prevent the occurrence of foot frostbite, reduce skin pruritus.

7, moderate supplement of inorganic salt

medical research shows that people’s fear of cold is closely related to the lack of inorganic salt in diet. It is suggested that more vegetables should be taken in winter, such as carrots, lilies, yams, lotus roots, green vegetables and Chinese cabbage, because the roots of vegetables contain more inorganic salts.

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