The most nutritious food is

The most nutritious way to eat vegetables is

. The most nutritious way to eat vegetables is 6667

. The crude fiber in vegetables can accelerate intestinal peristalsis and promote detoxification, but excessive consumption will affect the absorption of calcium and zinc. If in order to lose weight, eat a lot of vegetables, do not eat meat, it is easy to malnutrition, affect health.

seasoning to grasp the opportunity,

seasoning to grasp the opportunity, if it is fried vegetables, first put oil, oil smoke before the vegetables, otherwise the oil temperature is too high will release harmful substances. In addition, when frying vegetables put oil to the right amount, not too much, so as not to eat too much fat, eat more fat. If it is boiled, add oil after boiling or before boiling to make the vegetables bright.

try not to eat overnight vegetables

according to research, fried vegetables put 15 minutes, vitamin C reduced by 20%, put 30 minutes to lose 30%, put an hour to reduce 50%. Every other day’s food is also easy to deteriorate, produce nitrite, eat easy to cause food poisoning.

wash before cutting

most of the nutrients in vegetables are water soluble, so wash before cutting can avoid the loss of nutrients.

heating in 10 minutes

too high temperature and too long heating will cause vitamin C decomposition in vegetables, resulting in nutrient loss. It is suggested that the heating time should be controlled within 10 minutes, and the loss should be less when it is heated for a short time.

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