The most suitable diet for Heilongjiang residents is “six high and two low”

The most suitable diet for Heilongjiang residents; Six high and two low & quot;

the most suitable diet for Heilongjiang residents; Six high and two low & quot;

high dairy products.

eat more calcium rich dairy products, and develop the habit of drinking milk.


fine grain after finishing makes the loss of vitamin B1 and phosphorus in the surface layer of grain, resulting in the lack of corresponding nutrition. Coarse grains are rich in insoluble cellulose, which is conducive to the normal operation of digestive system.

high fruits and vegetables.

due to the short sunshine time, the short marketing time of vegetables and fruits, and the long winter in Heilongjiang, the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits of Heilongjiang residents is far lower than that of other regions. Therefore, it is suggested that residents should have green leafy vegetables for three meals a day. It is better to eat more than three kinds of fruits every day, and eat less traditional pickles and pickles in winter.

high bean products and nuts.

soybean products are rich in high-quality protein, so soybean milk and tofu should be the best food on the table; Frequent visitors & quot;. Nuts are rich in nutrition, which has a good effect on human growth and development, strengthening physique and preventing diseases.

high fish shrimp.

the northeast people who drink in big bowls and eat large pieces of meat have always preferred meat, but they have a preference for fish and shrimp; General & quot;. It is suggested that residents should eat fish and shrimps 2-3 times a week and eat more deep-sea fish.

high in vitamins and minerals.

if you insist on the above & lt; Four high;, It can basically meet the requirements of high vitamin and mineral.

low salt.

“ Mouth weight & quot; Heilongjiang people are generally halophilic, and their salt intake is far higher than the national average. Therefore, to cultivate the low salt diet habit, we should start bit by bit, add less salt when cooking, and use onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, coriander and other seasonings.

low oil.

“di San Xian”, “Hong Shao Rou”, “Guo Bao Rou” & hellip& hellip; Cooking like fried, too oily, Heilongjiang cuisine raw materials, practices, cooking techniques are generally characterized by greasy. Such eating habits not only easily lead to obesity, but also lead to excessive deposition of cholesterol and fatty acids in blood vessels, resulting in arteriosclerosis. Therefore, we should change the cooking method, use less frying, oil frying, oil frying, use more steamed, cold; No more than 2 teaspoons (30 grams) of oil per person per day.

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