The most suitable healthy food for vegetarians is not suitable for long-term vegetarians

in our daily life

is not suitable for long-term vegetarians:

1. People who are losing weight

many people who are losing weight will not eat meat because of fat. But we can know that protein can improve the sense of satiety, reduce the amount of edible starch to achieve the effect of weight loss, so we should slightly increase the intake of protein when we lose weight.

2. Anemia patients and menstrual women are mostly caused by lack of protein and iron, and these two nutrients are more in meat. Therefore, people with anemia must eat meat, preferably pork, beef, mutton and other red meat. Women should also eat meat during menstruation.

3. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should eat more meat for themselves and their babies.

4. Children and adolescents are in the stage of growth and development. The synthesis of body protein should be greater than decomposition. Therefore, sufficient meat must be used to ensure the supply of protein to ensure the energy required for development.

5. Over 65 years old people

their muscles begin to relax, protein can delay muscle loss. If you don’t like meat, try eggs or dairy products instead. Cancer patients

many people have misconceptions that eating meat for cancer patients will lead to poor nutrition; Supply & quot; It’s given tumor cells. But this is a wrong idea, because cancer is a wasting disease, if malnutrition, it will affect the effect of treatment and the progress of recovery. Patients with radiotherapy and chemotherapy should increase the intake of protein and vitamins to ensure that the body has enough resistance.

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