The most terrible thing about halitosis is this magical tea

. Halitosis is an embarrassing problem. Many people suffer from halitosis but don’t know it, which seriously affects their interpersonal relationship. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that halitosis is mainly caused by stomach fire, dampness and phlegm. The rich aromatic substances in Osmanthus fragrans can eliminate the fishy smell in the mouth, while tea can reduce fire and dampness, remove phlegm and stagnant greasy, and has the function of antibacterial and fire elimination. Osmanthus fragrans with tea is a cure for the disease, the effect of eliminating halitosis is fast and good, it is worth using.


in addition, a long-term lack of vitamin C can also cause halitosis. In general, the daily vitamin C requirement of adults is 60-65 mg, which can’t be satisfied for a long time. It can cause halitosis and sepsis.

tea is rich in vitamin C, tea polyphenols and a small amount of aromatic substances, which can remove halitosis. Tea polyphenols can coagulate bacteria, astringent oil, aromatic substances can dissolve fat, eliminate fishy smell in the mouth.

sweet scented osmanthus has the effect of promoting body fluid and resolving turbidity, avoiding odor and resolving phlegm, and it is a good product for eliminating filth and halitosis. The deodorization of Osmanthus fragrans is related to its rich aromatic substances, such as y-decanolactone α- Ionone β- Ionone, trans linalool oxide, Gu linalool oxide, linalool, etc.

“sweet scented osmanthus dew” is a superior drink for invigorating the spleen and appetizing the stomach, soothing the liver and regulating qi. It is distilled from sweet scented osmanthus. It is commonly used to relieve dry throat, bad breath, toothache and other diseases. Osmanthus tea also has the same effect.

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