The national intake of fruits and vegetables is insufficient. Too little fruits and vegetables has a great impact on the body.

the national intake of fruits and vegetables is insufficient. Therefore, many nutrition experts call on everyone to eat one jin of vegetables and half Jin of fruits every day, so as to make the body healthier and reduce the occurrence of many chronic diseases. Let’s have a look at it.

What are the adverse effects of eating too little vegetables and fruits?

1, vitamin intake is insufficient. Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of vitamins, but the content of vitamins is small, but the role is big, known as the life sustaining elements, vitamins will participate in all life activities, can promote the absorption and transformation of protein, play an anti-oxidation and anti-aging role. If these deficiencies occur, arteriosclerosis will occur ahead of time, reduce the body’s immunity, and be more prone to cancer.

2, insufficient intake of cellulose. Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of cellulose, cellulose is known as the scavenger of the intestinal tract, cellulose can promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce the occurrence of constipation, prevent rectal cancer, at the same time, cellulose can reduce the absorption of sugar and fat, can properly control obesity.

3. Insufficient mineral intake. Many vegetables and fruits contain a lot of minerals, which are also indispensable nutrients for the human body. If the human body lacks selenium, it may be more prone to cancer. If the body is short of copper, white hair may appear ahead of time, if the lack of iron, anemia will occur.

4. Body fluids are more likely to acidify. If vegetable & fruit are too few, body fluids are easy to acidification, and acidic constitution is the hotbed of cancer. People with cancer are acidic, because meat is too much to eat, and it is easy to become acidic. Therefore, this is also one of the reasons for the increasing incidence rate of cancer nowadays, because people eat too little fruits and vegetables. From alkaline constitution to acidic constitution, leading to decreased immunity, giving cancer cells the opportunity to take advantage of.

Vegetable and fruit slimming method makes your body healthier

thin thigh champion white radish; Warehouse;, So it’s very easy to accumulate fat. Eat more radishes! Its pungent ingredient mustard oil can promote the metabolism of fatty substances and avoid the accumulation of fat under the skin. This function can’t be compared with any vegetable or fruit, and it’s the most suitable for thigh fat. Watermelon

is the champion of thin leg. The increase of back fat is mostly due to the absorption of blood sugar in the body, which is then converted into fat. Therefore, if you want to lose them, you have to start from & quot; Sugar & quot; Let’s start. At this time, the choice of grapefruit is more appropriate, it is not only very low heat, but also rich in special enzymes, can affect the human body to absorb sugar, so that it is no longer easily converted into fat. Tomato

: if too much waste is accumulated in the intestines, it is easy to form a small belly. Tomato is rich in food fiber, which can absorb the excess fat in the intestine and expel the oil and toxin from the body. Eating a tomato before a meal can also prevent fat from being absorbed by the gut. If you persist for a long time, you will be far away from the trouble of small belly. Celery

celery has a high fiber content, so you need to exercise your facial muscles to chew hard. A large celery contains about 4-5 calories, but chewing it will consume 5-8 calories, and it will take about 5 calories to get into the stomach. In this way, the amount of heat needed to digest celery exceeds the amount of heat provided by celery itself; The more you eat, the thinner you are; la

Watermelon peel:

1. Watermelon peel:

is used for relieving heat and thirst, clearing heat and detoxification, watermelon peel is better than watermelon pulp. Watermelon peel and juice are used in traditional Chinese medicine; Watermelon Cuiyi;, It has the effects of clearing away heat, purging fire, reducing blood pressure and so on. It has certain curative effect on anemia, dry throat, cleft lip, cystitis, liver ascites and nephritis. White gourd skin:

has the effect of relieving heat, strengthening spleen and diuresis. It can be used to treat edema, abdominal distension and adverse urination caused by kidney disease, lung disease and heart disease. It can kill two birds with one stone to wash feet with wax gourd skin decoction, which can cure both beriberi and foot odor. Cucumber skin:

when some people eat cucumbers, it’s a pity that the green coat of cucumbers contains chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid, which can play the role of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and stimulating leukocyte phagocytosis. Cucumber with skin is a good medicine for those who often have sore throat.

4. Banana peel:

banana peel contains the effective component of inhibiting fungi and bacteria – cannabinin. It can cure skin pruritus caused by fungal infection. Banana peel has the effect of moistening lung and intestines, dredging blood vessels and increasing essence. Mashing banana peel and ginger juice can reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Rubbing hands and feet with banana peel can prevent frostbite. In addition, banana skin drying powder, or a good beauty.

5. Apple peel:

has astringent effect. Take 30g fresh apple peel to decoct soup or make tea to drink. It can treat excessive stomach acid and phlegm. Dry apple peel and take 15g apple peel on an empty stomach, 2-3 times a day. It has certain curative effect on chronic diarrhea, neurocolitis and high blood pressure.

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