The necessary household cleaning skills for lazy people household tools make you save time and effort

for many people, housework is a troublesome thing, everyone does not like to do housework. But the first trick is to dust the wooden furniture. We all know the thumb. Of course, there are some textures on the furniture, and these textures are also very obvious, which can be seen at a glance. So when cleaning, we must follow its texture to wipe, so that the wood furniture can be clear and clean quickly. First, take a piece of soft cloth, spray a little detergent, then use the twisted cloth to clean, and finally use another piece of dry cloth to dry.

after drying, you can also apply a layer of light wax on the surface of these wooden furniture, which can give people a feeling that the furniture is very new and bright! Feel this way to clean wooden furniture can not only make their furniture more clean, but also make people better protect their wooden furniture!

the second trick is to use white vinegar to remove some stains on furniture or floor. Sometimes because of the existence of these stains, I feel that my home seems to have changed. After all, our home still needs to be neat. When there are stains, of course, we need white vinegar to come on and save it! Usage is to first use the same amount of white vinegar and hot water, and then carefully wipe the surface of the furniture, and then use a soft cloth to wipe hard.

this method can be more healthy and faster to help people get rid of some stains in their lives. And it’s easy to leave some special taste! This method is really not only clean, but also can let people’s mood slowly relax in such a clean environment! If you like this little skill, you can try it slowly in your life!

the third tip is about removing stains on the surface of metal furniture. In fact, the stains on the metal surface are not stubborn dirt that cannot be cleaned. Generally speaking, they can be wiped off gently. If it’s special, if you meet the stubborn dirt that makes people feel headache, you’ll have to wipe it several times with a towel! However, it’s not just to wipe with a towel, but to dip some toothpaste on the towel and then clean the metal surface.

this method is still effective, which can make people feel some convenient methods when cleaning. This way, the metal after cleaning is like new, which can make people feel more like it! This principle is actually very simple, because toothpaste contains abrasive, which has very strong decontamination power. Of course, small stains are no problem. If there are stains on the metal furniture, then quickly pick up the towel and try to remove them with such a little technique!

the fourth is about the cleaning of all kinds of mirrors at home. No matter what kind of mirrors are dirty, they still make people feel particularly ugly. If the mirror in the home is dirty, you can take down a soft towel and dip it with wax to clean it. It’s better not to make the towel wet, because if you clean it with a wet towel, it will only make your mirror more and more expensive. Dry towel and paraffin wax are really a magic cleaning method!

Cleaning skills

1, home clothes treatment

first of all, put the clothes to be washed in the laundry bag, and the socks and shoes to be washed in the shoe basin. Turn on the washing machine, separate the faded and non faded clothes, and put in the washing powder to wash automatically. Put the socks to be washed into the shoe washing basin, soak them in water and detergent for a while, and then wash them out. When the washing machine is working, you can do other jobs.

2, the treatment of the tea table at home

clean up the garbage on the tea table, put the washing bowl into the washing basin, soak it in water, wipe the tea table with a wet rag, apply some detergent to continue to wipe, wipe off the oil stains, and then dry it with a dry rag.

3, kitchen treatment at home

first soak the dishes and chopsticks to be cleaned in the basin, put in 1.2 drops of detergent, and apply a drop of detergent on the wet rag. If there are a lot of oil stains, add a few drops. You can easily wipe off the oil stains. After wiping once, clean the wet rag, and then wipe twice. After wiping, wipe it again with dry rag. Clean the dishes and chopsticks with detergent.

4, toilet treatment at home

first clean up the garbage, and then drop a few drops of detergent into the mop bucket to scrub the toilet table, nozzle, wall, etc. first pour the toilet cleaner into the toilet, and then brush it with the toilet after a while.

5 Treatment of balcony at home

many people like to plant flowers and grass on the balcony, and put some useless things. Over time, there are a lot of things. Take advantage of the cleaning time, will not use the goods and garbage are classified clean, the rest is the fragrance of flowers and plants.

6, the treatment of the bedroom at home

bedroom is a very important place, first of all, clean the floor of the bedroom, and then dry and wet rags were scrubbed, and then mop clean. Rearrange the bedding and cupboard in the bedroom.

7, the disposal of the storage room at home

filter out the useless and infrequent articles, put them in the corner, put the frequently used articles in the conspicuous place, and can be used at any time

8, refrigerator and fresh-keeping box

throw away the rotten and deteriorated articles in the refrigerator in time, and put the articles in the refrigerator again, You can find it at any time. Rearrange the items in the fresh-keeping box, update them in time, deal with the items in them and replenish them in time.

Cleaning sponge

1 oil pollution is not terrible, terrible is not clean. The oil in the kitchen bothers too many people. It’s greasy. It’s really disgusting. When cleaning, we can use this heavy oil cleaner to help, just spray on the oil, easy to use the decontamination sponge, you can remove it, very simple and convenient.

2. The glass picture position of the wiper is on the high side. It’s very tiring to clean. In fact, as long as we have this wiper with long handle design at home, we can have a lot of energy left. This wiper is equipped with professional brush head and soft scraper design, which can quickly clean the dirt on the glass without damaging the glass, And the brush head position also has a buffer elastic design, so that we can clean the glass completely without walking back and forth. Sponge mop

during the Spring Festival, people come and go at home, sweeping the floor every day is very troublesome. You might as well buy this sweeping robot at home. This sweeping robot has a very high intelligent system, which can automatically detect whether there is garbage in the surrounding environment and whether it needs to be cleaned. It can easily clean the floor, and it is extremely crashworthy and durable, with a very high performance price ratio.

4. Glass cleaner

no matter it’s glass or floor, you can’t clean it with cloth. You need to prepare an easy-to-use cleaner at home. These two household glass cleaners have a good reputation in the market, and the effect is very good indeed. With unique active agents, decontamination ingredients can be quickly dispersed to the surface of glass, giving full play to the super decontamination effect. The foam design is clean, without leaving traces, saving time and effort. The dust on the glass window, the stain on the ceramic tile, the dust on the computer screen, the dust on the mirror, and so on, are all there.

5. Long handle floor brush

for narrow and difficult to clean cracks, have you been troubled for a long time and don’t know how to start? Don’t worry. Xiaobian recommends two brushes that can clean any dead corner. The first brush. It is suitable for cleaning small and narrow gaps on the ground which are difficult to clean., Clean up the dust and scale easily and thoroughly. Collect freely, save space.

6. Feather duster

feather duster is very easy to use. Sometimes we can’t help asking, what should we do if the feather duster is dirty, and we are afraid to wash it with water. This feather duster is made of fiber material, so it’s convenient to remove and wash. Only when the feather duster is clean, it’s easy to clean, and it’s small and doesn’t take up space.

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