The nutritional value of carrot and orange juice is

. Now all kinds of fruit and vegetable drinks are popular, especially carrot and orange juice. There are many finished drinks on the market that have the brand of carrot and orange juice. But many friends worry that the bad match of food may cause the food to eat together. Will carrot and orange juice have any adverse reactions, What is their nutritional value? Let me introduce them one by one.

first of all, there is no problem with the combination of the two. As for the nutritional value, we analyze

carrots one by one. They are rich in carotene, vitamin B1, B2, C, D, e, K, folic acid, calcium and food fiber. They can almost drink a little more carrot juice than meizong vitamine pills every day to improve metabolism and reduce weight naturally, Therefore, carrot juice has the effect of losing weight. Carrot juice beauty: carrot juice contains carotene and vitamins, which can stimulate the metabolism of the skin, enhance blood circulation, make the skin ruddy, and has a unique effect on beauty and health. Carrot juice is best to drink on an empty stomach in the morning, because it is more conducive to gastrointestinal absorption. Carrot juice also has the effect of removing freckles, or crush fresh carrots to squeeze juice. One cup a day also has the effect of removing freckles. Carrot is rich in carotene, which can eliminate free radicals, delay human aging and maintain the health of epithelial tissue. It is also rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A can be converted into vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A has the function of smooth and strong skin, and can prevent rough skin and freckles.

oranges are rich in vitamins, citric acid, malic acid, pectin and other ingredients. The content of vitamin C in oranges is very high, which is conducive to supplement the lack of vitamins in milk. The pulp is moderately sour and sweet, and full of aroma. Can solve greasy, eliminate food accumulation, enhance children’s resistance. The delicious fresh orange juice makes us love it very much. It’s easy to carry and quench thirst when we squeeze the orange juice. At the same time, orange juice also has many functions. Drinking orange juice often can not only prevent diseases, but also remove makeup and clean skin.

after knowing the nutritional value of carrot and orange juice and its no harm, what are you waiting for? There are not many nutritious and delicious drinks, so hurry up and make your own carrot and orange juice and enjoy a healthy and delicious life.

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