The ordinary little rubber band is of great use. Let’s take a look at the daily use of rubber band

. The daily use of rubber band

1. Don’t slip the glasses. On average, the glasses slide down from the bridge of nose countless times every day, 0.5-0.8 cm each time. It’s not cool at all. But tie the rubber band to the leg of the glasses and it’s honest.

2, spoon, stay obediently

long handle spoon is a Dou who can’t hold up in the soup bowl, and has no ambition at all. But as long as you tie a rubber band to the handle of the spoon, it will lean on one side safely.

3, open cover

if some smooth cover for a long time, can’t open, it’s difficult to make effort. Ah, try to put a rubber band on it, and then twist it off.

4 Avoid loosing

when washing, you can put a rubber band on the opening of socks, so that the socks that have been washed many times are not easy to loose; You can also tie a rubber band on the collar of a T-shirt that you often wash, and then throw it into the washing machine to wash, which has the same effect.

5, anti sliding

broom and other long rod tools will often slip when they are close to the wall. Tie 2 or 3 rubber bands to the top of the long rod to increase friction, so that the broom will not slip.

6, put away the needle and thread

, why is it easy to knot the thread at home? Because you didn’t tie them up with a rubber band so they wouldn’t fight again.


, quick foaming. Wash hands with soap. You want more foam. You can tie 3 parallel rubber bands on the soap. When you wash your hands, rub them a little.

8, drain aid

rubber band can foam when used on soap, but if you tie it to the soap box, the used soap will no longer be wet and rotten and stick to the soap box.

9, anti rolling

eggs on the table, always can’t be obedient, carelessly may fall down. If you put a rubber band under the egg, you can prevent the egg from rolling around.

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